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(Road Trip 2014, continued…) Once we arrived in Kent, Ohio, we couldn’t resist snuggling my sweet nephew (nay, maybe smothering him a bit), who would walk into the room and say things like, “Uncle Uke is?” with his hands held out high, or even “Uncle Gab is?” (I mean how can your heart not melt…Continue Reading

On the Road Again: Road Trip 2014

After a fun little weekend in Memphis, we gathered up our things, packed the car, and sent everyone to bed until 4 am, at which point we rolled the kids out of bed, trotted them to the bathroom, then tucked them into their appropriate seats and headed out into the wee hours of the morning.…Continue Reading

4,124. Yep, that’s how many miles my husband drove his family of five across the United States over the last two weeks. If I could make a little map with a moving car across it for you (aka Sleepless in Seattle, only in that case it was an airplane), I totally would. (But wait, I…Continue Reading

Summer/ Road Trip Fun: 9 Links to get you ready…

It’s the official countdown–7 6  5more days of lunch-making. It’s gotten bad–I was actually standing in front of the open refrigerator the other night with baggies in my hand, looking for anything, just anything to drop into them that I could call “lunch” for the girls. I’ve depleted all of my frozen lunch items, sandwiches…Continue Reading