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I Must Be Going Through a Mid-Life Crisis

(*day 8//write31days// click here for more) I texted my mom yesterday morning to tell her that I was probably going to get highlights on my virgin hair, and I just wanted her to know, in case any mourning needed to happen. She immediately called (mostly just to chat), but said that my Dad thought I…Continue Reading

That time I almost broke my nose

Something that thrills my heart more than anything else is spending time with my neighbors and meeting new people and getting connected. It is just so beautiful to be involved in community and to see God at work bringing people together. Of course, with community and neighbors and things, the more time you spend with…Continue Reading

Soma School

Luke and I and another couple traveled to Tempe, Arizona recently for Soma School. Basically this is a conference put on by a family of churches who are eager to share what they are learning with others–who have a vision that the Gospel that transforms people will be used in mighty ways all over the…Continue Reading

A new year, a new friend

It’s a new year, and with it has come a blast of arctic weather, quite a change for us Texans. And yet, my children still insist they don’t need jackets–too many winters of not pulling out a jacket once has caused even the idea of winter coats to be a nuisance (and yes, in the…Continue Reading


Every year when Halloween comes up, we have to figure out what to do about it–will we turn off lights, turn on lights, hand out candy, leave the premises, attend a fall festival, do costumes, no costumes, etc, etc. This year was the same. Except we finally asked the question, “Why don’t we celebrate Halloween…Continue Reading

We Never Thought We’d Public School

I pulled up the school’s calendar and started plugging in dates on my calendar this week (August is around the corner, people).  I could get overwhelmed (which is my tendency), but I’m not.  Its exciting to think about all the school events planned, like first day of school coffee for parents, back to school nights…Continue Reading

School shopping is in full force around here, only not the type that I’m used to. For about six years now my type of back to school shopping included curriculum researching, rainbow resource cataloguing, amazon used book huntings, and the like, because up until now our primary schooling has been at home. And I enjoyed…Continue Reading

This is us–me and my family. And this is how we roll–imperfect, messy, with a little bit of who-knows-what in the background. But we are trusting in the redeeming work of a sweet Savior, who one day will make all things new, perfect, and completely beautiful. For now, we live, breathe, walk on earth, with…Continue Reading