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An Un-fancy Gathering of Neighbors

An Un-fancy Gathering of Neighbors

Hospitality and Neighboring is something we talk about a lot over here in the Newton household. We dream big dreams of a community that lives side by side sharing life together. We have a dim vision of a future with the people we live next to and with our fellow believers as being hugely integrated…Continue Reading

Preparing for Halloween

(*day 19// write31days// more here) Public service announcement: You have two weeks to get your game on for Halloween… Last year was the first year we actually participated in Halloween. Neither Luke nor I had ever trick or treated before, and we always analyzed and discussed this every year, never feeling quite comfortable with it.…Continue Reading

Semi-Macrame: My Attempt at a DIY Wall Hanging

(*day 11// write31days// click here to catch up) Q: What happens when your washer starts to bounce across the floor whilst it’s stuffed with towels, and smoke starts pouring out when you open the lid to check on it?A: A morning of waiting for hours for the repair man to come, with absolutely nothing to…Continue Reading

Girls Night Out–A Night Downtown and a Concert

(*day 10// write31days// click here to catch up) I’m a classically trained musician, so for me, going to a concert includes calm, hushed voices, sitting still in your seats, holding in a cough until your face turns blue, and maybe bringing some opera glasses…stuff like that. I am used to sitting in my seat and…Continue Reading