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Preparing for Halloween

(*day 19// write31days// more here) Public service announcement: You have two weeks to get your game on for Halloween… Last year was the first year we actually participated in Halloween. Neither Luke nor I had ever trick or treated before, and we always analyzed and discussed this every year, never feeling quite comfortable with it.…Continue Reading

Full Disclosure, and Some Links to Inspire

(*day 17// write31days// previous posts here) So, full disclosure: the only thing I did today that was remotely close to stepping out of my comfort zone was order a salad at one of our favorite Friday night restaurants. I guess you could say this actually is stepping out of my comfort zone since salads just…Continue Reading

Way Back Wednesday…Friends Are Friends Forever

It’s day 15// write31days// we’re half way through. Can we make it??? (and by “we” I mean “I”, and only time will tell) Anyone else out there remember calling up the radio station with your best friend and asking them to play Friends Are Friends Forever over and over and over again, until the Radio…Continue Reading

Taste of the Sea: Scallops at Home

(*day 14//write31days// you really want more? click here) I texted Luke telling him that I was running out of new things to try, and he said to go to the fish market and get some scallops for dinner. But I was snuggled on the couch with my kids watching a movie on our day off…Continue Reading

Introducing Yourself, So Simple, and Yet So Hard!!!

(*day 12// write31days// click here for more, if you dare) I wouldn’t describe myself as shy, but I would say that meeting new people makes my arm pits sweat. And now this blog has officially gotten too personal. But you need to know this because it’s important to understand how far I’ve come! Actually, I’m…Continue Reading

Semi-Macrame: My Attempt at a DIY Wall Hanging

(*day 11// write31days// click here to catch up) Q: What happens when your washer starts to bounce across the floor whilst it’s stuffed with towels, and smoke starts pouring out when you open the lid to check on it?A: A morning of waiting for hours for the repair man to come, with absolutely nothing to…Continue Reading

Girls Night Out–A Night Downtown and a Concert

(*day 10// write31days// click here to catch up) I’m a classically trained musician, so for me, going to a concert includes calm, hushed voices, sitting still in your seats, holding in a cough until your face turns blue, and maybe bringing some opera glasses…stuff like that. I am used to sitting in my seat and…Continue Reading