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Things I Didn’t Do This Month

(*day 29// write31days// click here to read the rest) This writing every day thing is coming to a close, and I have to tell you I think I’m done trying new things, for the month of October, that is. There was plenty on the list that I didn’t get a chance to do, like… *Make…Continue Reading

That Time I Went Mountain Biking With My Husband

(*day 28// write31days// catch up here) {This write31days thing is wrapping up, and all I can say is, yippee! I don’t even say that in normal life but it seems appropriate. I honestly can’t believe I’ve kept up with this writing thing But honestly, it’s actually fit itself into my life more easily than…Continue Reading

Reaching Out to the Dry Cleaning Lady

(*day 27// write31days// click here to catch up) I have this really bad habit of storing up a humungous hamper full of Luke’s dress shirts and pants to take to the dry cleaners. Truth be told, I only make it to the dry cleaners about once every 6 weeks, and that’s on the good side…Continue Reading

His Strength, Not Mine// Music and Church Planting

(*day 26// wrtie31days) It’s been almost two years since we joined a church planting team and started a new church. Never in my wildest dreams long ago would I have imagined that people can even do that, start a church. I mean, obviously a church has to start somewhere, but every church we’ve ever been…Continue Reading

Letting Someone Else do the Talking

(*day 25// write31days// it’s almost midnight, but I made it) Today we had our annual Fall Festival with our church, which is always at Brenda’s house out on their *mini* farm (the same place I talked about here). It was the anniversary of meeting our friend Lu, who is a student who moved here from…Continue Reading

Downward Dog

(*day 23// write31days// previous posts) I feel the need to apologize for the lack of insightful words tonight. Writer’s block perhaps? Just moving forward people, trying to push through. My friends are having so much fun with me this month they keep coming back for more. Sarah (remember Sarah from the Phillip Phillips concert?) invited…Continue Reading

Hanging Out With a Cow Named Molly (and a Sweet Friend)

(*day 22// write31days// deep cleansing breaths// click sidebar button for more) My long time friend Brenda invited Landis and me out to her farm today. Well, it’s not quite a farm, but to this city slicker it is… Pretty much for me, if you have a cow and some chicks and places to house those…Continue Reading

Eating Someone Else’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

(*day 21// write31days// are we there yet? ) We have new(ish) neighbors that I’ve been meaning to officially welcome to our street, but for many reasons (excuses, excuses), I just haven’t. And it’s actually been on my list of things to finally do this month, because, well, I very much dislike knocking on people’s doors.…Continue Reading

Fermented What? Kombucha….

(*day 20// write31days) I love my friends. Have I mentioned that lately??? So Caroline and I had this little texting conversation last week: Please notice that I said “Yes!!!!” before I even knew what I was saying yes to. That’s how this month is going, friends. But I instantly arranged things in order to make…Continue Reading