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Public School: Getting Involved as a Mom

Continuing on in this subject of public school, I thought I’d share how I’ve been able to get involved at the girls’ school (just remember, this is all based on one school year so I’m no expert). My goal going into this first year of public school was to know and be known actively, not…Continue Reading

My Thoughts on Public School: Introduction

I’ve been mostly silent for the last few months on our experiences in the public school. Sometimes my silence actually speaks loudly, because in my silence is when my heart is pondering deeply, so deeply that I can’t bring it out until it comes out on its own. But as we near the end of…Continue Reading

Snow Cones and The Law

A week or so ago, after I picked up my kids from school, we decided to park and play at the playground for First Friday–the snow cone truck parks by the curb, you grab your snow cone and head to the playground; simple and fun. Except for the first Friday in April. It was a…Continue Reading


To the Police Officer who blew his whistle at me yesterday: There’s a reason why I wave at you every morning and say, “Hi” and “Thank you,” when I walk the kids into school, and it might be for afternoons like yesterday. It might just be that I was experiencing a major mom moment, that…Continue Reading

Keeping up Traditions

When my girls were little, tea parties were the thing, of course. It’s been a while since we pulled together a tea party, so last week on my birthday, after running through a flash flood to pick up my kids from school, probably ruining my new shoes, and arriving home drenched from head to toe…Continue Reading

Friend or Playmate

When I was in school, my mom was so great about working through friendship issues with me. It was so comforting to look forward to going home and hearing my mom’s encouraging words, knowing that she loved me and was a safe confidante for me. One thing I remember particularly well is her conversations about…Continue Reading

Random Rambling

In one hour I pick my kids up and close out the first week of school. It feels like quite an accomplishment. I’ve gone from being overwhelmingly exhausted to feeling slightly more normal, just in time for the weekend to throw things off again! Oh well! A few notes and observations from this first week…Continue Reading

First Day of School…

…a success!!!! We made it through the first day of school, woohoo! I had one excited-nervous one, and one not-excited-nervous one, but both came home beaming, having made new friends, loved their teachers, and eager for another day. Only one minor lunch catastrophe (a leaky water bottle causing a muddy, lara bar pond at the…Continue Reading

May the Good Times Roll

So here’s to all you momma’s starting the lunch-packing grind again…this is a little chart I put together that might help you all as you dig around for stuff to put in your kids lunches. Of course it’s not exhaustive, and I’m sure I’ll come up with more stuff as the days go by. But…Continue Reading

School Lunches

In preparation for school lunches, which totally freaks me out (the idea of preparing lunches every night or morning, especially when my kids detest sandwiches), I’ve been cooking ahead and freezing things. I kinda feel like a nerd doing all this, but opening up my freezer and seeing everything is rewarding. And, my kids are…Continue Reading