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Taste of the Sea: Scallops at Home

(*day 14//write31days// you really want more? click here) I texted Luke telling him that I was running out of new things to try, and he said to go to the fish market and get some scallops for dinner. But I was snuggled on the couch with my kids watching a movie on our day off…Continue Reading

Semi-Macrame: My Attempt at a DIY Wall Hanging

(*day 11// write31days// click here to catch up) Q: What happens when your washer starts to bounce across the floor whilst it’s stuffed with towels, and smoke starts pouring out when you open the lid to check on it?A: A morning of waiting for hours for the repair man to come, with absolutely nothing to…Continue Reading

Girls Night Out–A Night Downtown and a Concert

(*day 10// write31days// click here to catch up) I’m a classically trained musician, so for me, going to a concert includes calm, hushed voices, sitting still in your seats, holding in a cough until your face turns blue, and maybe bringing some opera glasses…stuff like that. I am used to sitting in my seat and…Continue Reading

I Must Be Going Through a Mid-Life Crisis

(*day 8//write31days// click here for more) I texted my mom yesterday morning to tell her that I was probably going to get highlights on my virgin hair, and I just wanted her to know, in case any mourning needed to happen. She immediately called (mostly just to chat), but said that my Dad thought I…Continue Reading

A Failed Attempt at Trying a New Bakery

the above picture is the redemption, not the fail. (*day 6// write31days// click here or sidebar button to see previous posts)I’ve passed a little bakery on a street nearby the kids’ school several times and always wondered about it, so I decided we’d go home that way on Friday and stop in for a treat. We…Continue Reading

That Time I Poached an Egg

*day 2//write31days So I know it seems silly and absurd and how could this possibly be true, but… I’ve never poached an egg. There. I said it. The truth is out. In talking this over with a friend, I realized I might be very alone in this, that maybe every other housewife has poached an…Continue Reading

Cabbage Coconut Curry Recipe

I mentioned this wonderful curry that our family in Memphis cooked for us, and I thought I’d share the recipe with you, so as to not be selfish with it and all. I made this last night and it was sooo good, and my kids loved it too and were begging for more, which sort…Continue Reading

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins

It seems that some of my favorite recipes are ones I got from my friends when we were living in North Carolina–because Southern girls can cook… My dear friend Maria first gave me this recipe and since then I’ve made these muffins a million times, it seems. I think I vary it up a bit…Continue Reading