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A minivan and a coffee

You know its been a long time since you’ve blogged if your blog automatically gives you a tutorial on how to start writing a post. So this is how I’m starting my Thursday. Well actually, my Thursday started with yet another trip to the auto shop for my vintage minivan and its mysterious noise that…Continue Reading

Fight or Flight

There’s a dark cloud hovering over our hearts and the hearts of many others today. A good, faithful, righteous man’s life was senselessly taken last week; a man dear to many, many, many people. A man used by God to influence so many people that 1200 were present at his funeral, not including the hundreds…Continue Reading

The Beauty of Being Silent

The Beauty of Being Silent

My kids don’t know how to be silent. Not a clue. They were bickering at the breakfast “table” (by table I mean coffee table, which is where we always eat breakfast) and I had enough of the rudeness, so I told them it was now a silent breakfast. To which one of them replied by…Continue Reading

A Stress Free Meal Plan

As much as I want to deny this simple truth, I can’t. It’s heartbreaking, I know, but the sooner we face the facts, the sooner we can heal. Here it is: We will always and forever have to meal plan because we will always and forever need food.  I’m sorry I had to be the one…Continue Reading

Why You Need Falling Free

Why You Need Falling Free

It’s no secret that I’ve been crushing on Shannan Martin’s blog for quite a long time. Sometimes I feel like she sneaks into my head and figures out how to say exactly what I’m thinking. Obviously she says it a million times better than I ever could. Finally, she’s written her first book Falling Free (I say first because please,…Continue Reading

On Grief & Moldy Bathrooms

My 90 year old grandfather died two weeks ago. I was right in the middle of dinner when my dad called to tell me the news. I kept stirring the pot of sauce, wiping my tears and blowing my nose, and stirring. (we may have eaten actual tears that night) It’s weird how I needed something…Continue Reading

On Answered Prayer, Friendship & A Redemption Breakfast

On Answered Prayer, Friendship & A Redemption Breakfast

Redemption breakfast. That’s what we called it, after the five of us sat around the table, tearfully sharing our struggles, doubts, and surprising joys. None of us knew we’d meet again for a final heart to heart, each of us gearing up for our journeys back to all parts of the country, after our weekend…Continue Reading

It’s Like Riding a Roller Coaster

Here I am. Seat 19F. American Airlines. A window seat. I literally hoisted my million pound carryon bag into the overhead bin and then scrambled over a momma and her little girl to my seat. I had to snicker inside because of course I’d be sitting next to a wiggle worm. There’s no rest for…Continue Reading