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We Have a Shared Need, You and Me

Last weekend I whisked myself off to Mexico City to spend some time with Naomi (& her family); it was a well needed girl weekend for both of us (we did include my brother in law some too, cause he’s awesome when it comes to good conversation and encouraging words, so every now and then…Continue Reading

Naomi is here…

Naomi and I are taking a short break from our between friends series, since she and her family are actually staying in my home as we speak; and since our next set of posts are going to have something to do with our own cities, we figured that maybe she should actually write while she’s…Continue Reading

Mellow Yellow and another book

Dear Naomi, I could tell you about the big yellow school bus that drives by every day, a reminder of where my kids are all day long–public school is still so new for us, and yet it feels like we’ve always been there. I could tell you about this beautiful yellow blouse I saw at…Continue Reading

About gray and a book

Dear Naomi, Sooo, it’s kind of been a gray week…meaning, I haven’t pulled out my camera once and the sun hasn’t shined that much either. Why does this matter? Because, for whatever reason, we decided to chose colors as our topic for the month of March, and I do believe gray was the color I…Continue Reading


Dear Naomi, I miss you. Coffee just isn’t the same without you. Oh, and another package came yesterday, and since it was from Nordstrom, I mistakenly thought it was a cute and stunning dress for you, but alas, just Nike boy sneakers. But that’s better than toothpaste, I guess. So I’ve been snapping photos of…Continue Reading

Fields of Green

Whenever I take a trip to Mexico City, for a few weeks prior to my departure all sorts of shapes and sizes of packages arrive at my door. Usually I’m like, “Ooh, what did I order?” with a a tad bit of excitement before I realize it’s actually something else Naomi ordered for me to…Continue Reading

Between Friends

Naomi makes a mean batch of Asian Lettuce Wraps, but it doesn’t come easy, let me tell you. After I flew into Mexico City a couple of weeks ago, and sometime for the next two days (it’s somewhat of a blur for me between all the walking, talking, and coffee drinking that happened), we went…Continue Reading