About Me


I’m Gabrielle, and these are my people: Luke, Amaleah, Julia, Landis, and of course Winston (and a cat named Polly).

Luke & I are high school sweethearts. We live in San Antonio, TX, where we first met, and where he works as a Gynecologist. I’m a busy momma who keeps everything running at home. We’ve lived in other cities too and have had a baby in every one of those cities, thus we are staying put and don’t plan to move again, if you get my drift.

Our kids go to school at our local public school, which is a whole other story, and when they’re not in school we’re running them to and fro, or fixing up huge meals and feeding our friends, or riding our bikes along the River downtown (when it’s not hot as blazes).

Our home is constantly in flux and in need of repair. I can never go long without moving furniture around or changing things on the wall. We will always be this way, nothing will ever be finished, and I’m learning to be content with that and love the process.

We helped plant a church a little over three years ago, which has been a huge part of our goings and doings. It’s hard work starting something from the ground up, but we are seeing the fruit of our labors as we gain new friendships and learn how to serve alongside others.

I write for me, but I write for you too. My deepest hope is that I will be able to speak words of encouragement that breathe hope into your normal life, that will help you to walk away with a renewed since of confidence in Christ.

There are no rules and regulations in Christ; His deepest desire is for you to know Him and to trust Him. I see Him working in my life, growing and changing me, scraping off my pre-conceived notions of faith and religion and showing me who He truly is.

I truly believe this journey of life, of womanhood, is meant to be shared. Honey, we’re in this together.

I’m so so glad you’re here. Please join in on the conversation, I so want to hear from you.

If you’d like to connect with me on a more personal level, please email me!

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