How do Hairstyle Trends Start?


(Doesn’t Julia have the prettiest hair???)

This morning, Amaleah walked into the kitchen with slightly crimped looking hair in a loose high side ponytail, as all the girls do nowadays. Julia looked at it and immediately she needed that in her hair, because that’s what’s in right now.

I doubted the sanity of this decision for the girl that always has to have her ponytail tied four times, and everything needs to be slicked back with no bumps, perfect. But of course I’m a master of hair now with 13 years of experience plus all my years of adolescence under my belt, so I agreed to the slightly messy, but has to be perfect, loose ponytail, complete with a scrunchy.

It looked cute.

It makes me laugh though, as I think of how in the world trends get started. I mean sure, maybe the loose ponytail sort of frizzy crimped hair started out on the runway somewhere in Paris, but here’s what I think is really going on…

Mom leaves town for a few days and dad is left with the job of doing hair. So his daughter says she wants a back ponytail, and he tries with all his heart. And he feels pretty good about his efforts when all is said and done.

His daughter looks in the mirror and proclaims, “Oh thanks Dad! You gave me a side ponytail!”

Or, if she’s in a grumpy mood and in the preteen/teen years, maybe she said something like, “Ugh, this is so embarrassing, I have no time to fix this. My life is ruined. But Oh well, it is what it is.”

And then she goes to school that way.

Then the next day her friend wears her hair that way and she wonders if her friend’s dad did her hair that morning, but it keeps happening, more and more girls wear their hair that way and the original wearer of the new hair fashion is puzzled, but decides to go with it and act like she started the new trend.

And this is how fashion trends start…

I mean seriously, why did she let her daddy do her hair before she walked the runway?

What about the scrunchy? How did that start? Probably same scenario, only Dad couldn’t find a rubber band so he used his jogging sweat wrist band instead and low and behold everyone wanted one and all of a sudden people are making these miracle hair ties called scrunchies.

That’s what I’m thinking anyway–I mean surely the high, high, on top of your head, tall bun wasn’t intentional right? Somebody’s dad was told to give them a messy bun and he accidentally put it too high on her head and she went with it, right?

Clearly, this girl’s daddy got carried away…


That’s the only reason I can think of for someone wearing a tall bun on the top of their head, unless they also just wanted a way to look 2 feet taller.

My brain is just about fried from all the May madness going on around here–with three kids in three different schools, one dog, one cat, and one husband, I feel like I can barely keep my head above water, so all I can think about is how hair styles come to be and why I can’t seem to get my hair to look like Joanna Gaines.

Hope you have a wonderful upcoming Memorial Weekend!

P.S. The story about the daddy and the side ponytail? True story.

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