Just Another Manic Monday

I wish it were Sunday…anyone else singing along now? Was that Tiffany? (soundbite courtesy of too many Full House episodes being watched around here)

I’m stuck at home today, which is exactly where I want to be honestly, because our overworked mini-van is at the doctor’s office getting a check-up. When I handed over the keys I felt a little bit like I do when I take my kids in for a check-up, a little panicky about how they will behave and how dirty I notice they are and a little embarrassed about how long it’s been since their last bath.

I decided to make banana bread and muffins this morning and to busy myself in my kitchen and laundry room today instead of holed up in my writing corner. So I chose Joy the Baker’s brown butter Banana Bread which we love. Except. I stirred it all together and painstakingly poured it into the bread pan and the muffin cups and stuck them in the oven only to notice the pan with the browned butter cooling on the counter.

Hence this little fiasco:


Yep, I had to scrape it all back out and stir in the butter and then reload it again, only to wonder and beg the Lord that the rest of my week would not be a series of re-do’s and re-starts. Especially considering that I’m about to cut out 40 million strips of felt for Julia’s Zazu Costume and goodness knows nobody wants to re-do that.


Please notice the momma Eagle in the far corner of the picture. Yes, I’m still watching, and sadly, the third egg didn’t hatch. You have to wonder if the parent eagles realize it’s never going to hatch or if they are still crossing their talons, hoping for a miracle. I have to admit, I’m kind of hoping for a miracle too.

Also, Luke keeps saying he’s losing respect for Eagles because they have so much old dead meat and fish and bunny rabbits and who knows what else lying around. But I just keep thinking that PaPa Eagle is like every other dad in America and just keeps forgetting to take out the trash.

We dubbed over our Husband/Wife voices this morning when what seems to be Papa Eagle flew in with a branch so huge it almost knocked mom off, and it had all these other little branches sticking off of it.

I’m sure she was thinking, “Oh please, could you have found a better branch? When I send you out to get something why does it always have to be messed up. If you want a job done right you have to do it yourself.” And he was probably thinking, “Women, they’re never happy. You just can never please em.”

At one point the branch actually landed on the babies as they were finagling it and Mama flew off, we could only assume to get a branch that actually met her standards.

Not that Luke & My relationship is anything like this when he takes a trip to Costco.

In the end, the muffins turned out like this:


And the jury’s still out about how the costume will turn out.

Happy Monday!

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM