A Series of Re-do’s & More Eagle Talk

You know you’re stressed when a single piece of tissue paper blowing around on the street at a traffic light almost brings on a panic attack because you think it’s a pattern piece for your daughter’s costume and in an instant your costume is ruined, at least in your mind anyway. I honestly had to laugh out loud that I actually even had that moment in the car. All I can say is, Please Zazu, hurry up and get finished.


I wish I had some beautiful spiritual thing to tell you this morning, but all I have to say is that after I scraped out the muffins and stirred in the browned butter on Monday, praying for no more re-do’s this week, my life has been one big series of stops and re-starts! Haha, funny joke, God.

When I went to start sewing Julia’s costume, I was 11 inches short on fabric, and couldn’t make it to the fabric store for two more days. That very night I was driving to pick up Amaleah from pole vaulting practice and transport her to soccer (her schedule, ah!) when I realized I’d left her soccer stuff all at home so I had to turn around and go pick it up. All of that was on Monday.

To make this week even more fun, it’s swimsuit shopping time, which is like the best way to make your daughters think you hate them. Because of course I have to say, “no, not that one,” or “that’s too skimpy” or “there are holes on the sides of that one” or “really, are you crazy? do you really think I’d let you wear that one?” and on and on. It’s lovely.

When we finally chose a perfect one for J and put it in the shopping cart online it had disappeared by the time we got back to it and was no longer in stock.

(at this point, Amazon, you came through for me, because you had the exact one we needed, thank you thank you).

Ah, but it gets better. Upon looking for swimsuits with A, which is even worse because she’s nigh to being a teenager and of course thinks I’m out to get her and that I want her to wear a waterski wetsuit with long sleeves. Anyway, something was clicked and my computer jammed up with a virus trying to attack it. Which meant I had to go to the Apple store the next day, and we all have time for that, don’t we? Waiting in line for two hours so a genius can solve all our problems, it’s the perfect way to spend a Wednesday.

I had mentally prepared myself if the genius got mad at me for not organizing my computer well enough and having 20,000 pictures on it, to say, “I won’t judge you for not knowing how to play the piano if you don’t judge me for not being a computer genius.” Thankfully, he was nice and I didn’t have to get all smarty-pants about anything.

The one perk to that trip to the mall was finding two sweaters at the gap for 3 dollars each.

I did have a sweet little reprieve from all the shenanigans when I went to the farm with Landis’s class. No one ever gets tired of holding baby bunnies and baby goats, right?

IMG_0491 IMG_0492

To bring us up to today, I was up all night with a dog who got into something and was sick to his stomach all night, so I had a few minutes to think about the parallels between eagle babies and human babies. Yep, all I think about is eagles these days. (they are really cute in the middle of the night by the way).

Baby eagles always think their hungry. All their momma has to do is barely even glance at them and their mouth opens up like they’re starving or something. So mostly she tries not to make eye contact, from what I can tell. Those little cuties will even feign certain death and fall over flat for dramatic effect of how hungry they are, and that’s no exaggeration.

Oh and poor momma eagle has baby poop all over her wing and not a spare moment to even lick herself clean, because baby eagles turn around and poop without even a moments notice. And all she can think about is feeding them because I mean, they’re starving to death.

I can totally relate, momma eagle. Hang in there, we’ll get through this.

Have a great weekend!


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