On Voting and Feeding the Birds

Hopeful that most people had voted early this year, I headed to my polling place after I dropped off the kids at school. Thankfully, there were only a handful of voters there at the time, so I got in and got out.

The least of my sorrows over this whole mess is that they didn’t have any of those cute “I voted” stickers, 

so I couldn’t even brag about how American I am.

I had to settle for this:

But it’s probably for the best, since I’m not so proud of how I had to vote for a few people I knew nothing about, and how in certain categories, I just defaulted to voting for the female candidate.

I know, it’s despicable.

I feel like every time I vote I swear that next time I will study up on all of the categories (do you even call it a category?) and be a better informed citizen. But then every year I come back and wish all over again for a button that just chooses for me.

Moving on though, as I drove onward to my next destination, and listened to the commentary on public radio, I noticed a woman walking across her yard to pour bird seed in her bird feeder, and it was this weird, soothing, calming moment for me.

Feed the Birds.

It’s so normal, so everyday, so common, and yet so comforting in it’s normalcy.

What can we do in all this political weirdness? Sure, some of us become involved politically, some of us will take giant stands on faceless Facebook where we say things we’d never say face to face. Some of us come better prepared to the voting polls and choose more wisely than I did. Some of us will raise children who will run for president someday (my boy says he will and I told him I’d vote for him).

But some of us will just keep feeding the birds.

There is still normal life to be lived, even in the midst of a huge election year, even when we feel like we just want to do this:


But the regular day to day life will keep on going (we can all only hope, at least). The birds still eat seed, our kids will still need a bowl of cereal every morning, the dog will still need to be walked. Dinners will be made, carpool will be driven, the Bible will be read to the kids, people will go to work day in and day out. The weeds will still get pulled (in some people’s yards), our kids will still grow out of their shoes.

We will buy or bake bread, take out the trash, water the garden (again, some people), empty the dishwasher, drink warm cups of coffee, take trips to the beach, listen to the waves, and know this…

God is so much bigger than us, than this. God is totally and absolutely in control of it all, even if we are facing weird and strange political days that none of us have faced before.

And you know what? Our normal lives will still need to be lived. And we can even find comfort in those daily routines that seem insignificant but yet are somehow grounding us to the bigger picture of God’s complete care for His children.

A sparrow doesn’t even fall to the ground without Him knowing it, anywhere in the whole world.

So keep feeding the birds.


p.s. I obviously just learned how to add GIFs to a post, and honestly spent way too much time laughing my head off as I searched for some for this post. thanks for humoring me. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM