Some Links to Inspire

Sometimes I take a trip down memory lane and read some of my old blog posts, I guess as a way to nourish my soul and remember what I was working through way back when, and also to have a good laugh. I thought I’d share some of them again with you, too. Mostly they come from February 2014.

oh my sweet little babies, you grow up way too fast.


Fear No Evil. Period.  A post about God being in the public school system, because He’s always near us and never leaves us, about choosing to trust Him with all of our worries instead of living in fear for the what-ifs. If you struggle with fear and worry about your children, this post is for you.

My 8 Year Old Glamour Girl. Julia is almost 10, as of next week! I re-read this post and it made me grin from ear to ear. She still loves beautiful things, still loves fashion, still remembers what everyone was wearing at every event in her life almost. But it hasn’t ruined her–she’s delightful, always smiling, even when she tells stories, and is growing into such a sweet young lady. Can’t believe she’ll be double digits.

More Than A Valentine. We are nearing Valentine’s Day again, and this post is still so true about Luke. I’m still not into Valentine’s day and might be slightly scroogie about it, but I can still appreciate the man I married.

Qualified.  Do you struggle with feeling under qualified as a mom and wife? Do you feel like you are less than and like you just can’t meet up to the lofty standards either you have set for yourself or you perceive that others set for moms and wives? This post is a word to remind you that we are qualified because of Christ. Period.

Language Lessons 101. Sadly, our conversations are still much the same as they were 2 years ago. Enjoy a little laugh!

Carpool. Getting through carpool is a universal stresser for moms, I’m guessing. I still feel a little crazy trying to drop off kids at three schools and pick them up again. I still haven’t used the horn but boy have I wanted to!


Alright, that’s enough for now. Have a Great Weekend!

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