Your Face, Oh Lord I Seek

I’ve all but memorized my new favorite album by Shane & Shane, Psalms Vol. 2. I’ve listened to it over and over again and I’m still not tired of it. It speaks to my soul, and probably because it’s basically God’s Word set to music.

The other morning as Shane & Shane and I were singing together Psalm 27:8 after I dropped the kids off at school, I was struck in a new, profound way, with this verse I’ve read over and over again:


My mind instantly went to a moment when I was down on my knees asking one of my kids to look straight into my eyes, reaching out my hands and turning their face towards mine. I felt all the feelings I feel when I want their complete attention, without any distractions whatsoever. They have to look into my eyes to hear what I have to say.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Have you ever thought that this is what God is asking of each of us?

I’m imagining getting as close to God’s face as possible and looking at Him and Him only, directly into His eyes. Because He wants to speak to me and He wants no distractions.

He demands my attention, but because He’s so full of love and mercy, and He wants every other distractor to melt away so my vision can line up with only His face.

Picture it, drawing so close to Him that all else fades away.

In the Psalms, David tells God in effect, I’m looking right at you. I’m seeking You, Lord. I have my eyes on you, please speak to me. I want your face, I want your heart.


God calls us to get close to Him.

What kind of God do you believe in? Because this God is not far off in His lofty places, leaving us to our own devices. He hasn’t turned away and given our lives over to luck.

Instead, He’s deeply personal, so personal that He wants a face to face relationship.

You can’t seek His face without Him being really close to your face. It has to work both ways. Knowing Him deeply is Him knowing you deeply. Only He already knows you deeply, from before there was time.

When your heart feels distracted by everything around you, the schedule, the planner, the birthdays, the teacher evaluations, the heart aches and trials of friends, the helpless feeling that comes all too often when you’re parenting, politics, the soccer carpool schedule, feeding your family, church;

When your life is crumbling down around you, bit by bit;

When your children won’t obey you;

When it seems like everyone has turned against you;

When you open the Word and it’s dry, heavy, limp;

When you can’t speak a kind word to anyone and no one can speak a kind word back;

When  your heart is heavy and you don’t know where to turn;

When you feel alone in the world and think no one else knows the trouble of your soul;

Let’s turn to Him and grab His face between our hands and pull ourselves into Him, to where we can only see Him. And nothing else.

When I picture that I sort of feel everything melting away around me.

It’s not ignorance, it’s not irresponsibility, it’s not avoidance. All those other things will remain as long as we are alive. We will still be sick, there will still be death, our children will still disobey us the moment they wake up, you may still be unemployed, and you may still be struggling with that one sin that so easily entangles  you.

But the weight of it all? All of it?


The burden it all brings and the heaviness of spirit that lays you low? 


Guys, look into His face. Seek it. Stare into it. With your heart, with your meditation, in the Word, with music, with deep conversation with friends, whatever it takes to get your heart set back on His face.

Look into it, and drink deeply. It’s the truest satisfaction you’ll ever know. And if the feeling of satisfaction is slow to come, Seek His Face.

And I’m preaching to myself, because it doesn’t always come easy.

If you have no idea what to do next, if you don’t know what to say to your weeping soul, if you can’t find the words,

Seek His Face.

If you have no other #OneThingRightNow, let this be it.

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