You Can’t Always Trust the Groomer

It’s pretty sad when you go to pick up your dog from the groomer and your 6 year old son bursts out laughing upon sight of the dog, and then proclaims, “Is that really Winston? Are you sure they didn’t give us the wrong dog?”


And honestly, I would have burst out laughing too except I’d like to think I have a little more decorum than a 6 year old, and so I just took the leash and shoved Winston in all his goofy fluffy glory into the car, tipped the groomer (apparently Winston behaved like a toddler, because that’s basically what he is), and left as quick as I could.

It only made matters worse when Landis declared in the car, “Winston looks like a LADY!!!!”

Because it’s true. And the only reason we don’t have more pictures is because I banned Luke from taking anymore because I was so embarrassed and couldn’t have his poor picture plastered all over the internet. And then I slept one night and felt much better about it.

The problem with having a Labradoodle is that apparently you can technically go either way when it comes to grooming. You can go more with the bear-looking lab side of things, which would be our preference although clearly is hard to describe, or you can weigh heavily on the poodle side.


And apparently my words to the groomer that went something like this “Do NOT make him look like a poodle,” fell flat. Granted, he didn’t shave him and give him a poofy butt and feet and shoulders, but he definitely was going with a poodle accented theme.

Poor Winston, he’d probably be telling me “I am a poodle, this is my heritage, just go with it,” if he could talk, and he actually seems to be walking like a poodle since then, like on his tip toes or something. But all that does for me is make me make fun of him when he comes in from outside by calling him Princess. Poor dog.


He seems a little depressed, don’t you think?

So I’m thinking these are some things I need to be sure to say next time I have him groomed:

~Put the scissors away. No scissors at all.

~We’re thinking BEAR here, just go with a bear theme

~He’s not into ballet, so please don’t point his foot fur

~He’s not a rat, so please don’t point his nose fur

~No bob haircut, just leave his ears as is..again, no scissors

~No eyes. We like not seeing his eyes.

I think that just about sums it up for next time.

If he dares even enter that place again and face the humiliation.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM