What I Learned in September

So this. Just. Happened.

I’m not in the habit of thinking backwards. Mostly I look ahead and stress about what’s to come. And usually if I look backwards it’s to doubt what I’ve just done. Granted, you know as well as I do that I like to analyze and think through things and look for the deeper meanings in life, but to sit and actually put pen to paper exactly what lessons the previous month has brought me, it’s almost too specific for me.

But let’s just say I do learn things every month, and that looking back is the best way to look forward, I guess I could try to pick out a few things that I’ve learned and scribble them here to save for later.

So here goes.

1) Embrace the Bus

You know that yellow bus that drives by every day, the one I used to swear my kids would never ride? This is the year, my friends, this is the year. (Well, Amaleah sort of broke it in last year a couple times a week). With three kids in three different schools with three different pick up times, and with our neighborhood being maybe the furthest out in the district, the first week of school was full of back and forth and back and forth and quite a few melt downs from Landis (and me). Nothing wears me out more and sucks the life out of me more than driving. I don’t know why, but it is extremely exhausting for me. But for some reason, picking my kids up from school makes me feel like a good mom, so admitting that I need help in this area could potentially damage that facade. But I had to come to the realization that feeling rested when my kids arrive home from school on the bus is a better option than being grumpy good-mom for picking them up at school. I do love being the first one to see my kids after school, but I’ve realized I can welcome them into my home with wide open arms and a hug maybe even better than I can when I drive through the carpool line. Good Mom doesn’t equal drive-yourself-all-over-tarnation-just-to-prove-you-love-your-kids. I love my kids, and they are fine on the bus.

2) It’s Time to Combine Birthdays

Luke and Landis and I share a birthday month, oh sweet September, along with half of our extended family. But mine starts the month off and therefore is always a festive occasion, while Luke ends the month and, poor guy, his birthday is a little underwhelming. We are all just so tired out by the end of September that his doesn’t get what he most certainly deserves. This year was made worse by the fact that he was on call on his birthday, which for him means he works and sleeps at the hospital the whole day and night. You’d think I’d have come up with a solution to this problem years ago, but maybe it wasn’t so bad when we were younger and didn’t have an actual little boy’s birthday party to plan in between our birthdays. But here it is: from now on, Luke and I are going to share a birthday celebration. We will pick a day somewhere in the middle where both our parents will celebrate with us, have one dessert, one everything, and share the glory (while relieving the pressure). Probably the reason we’ve never done this is because I’m just a selfish birthday girl and want my own day. But we aren’t kids anymore, I think maturity needs to reign, and I think my sweet guy needs more celebrating. So next year if I forget, please remind me of my birthday resolution.

3) My Fashion is Always in Style

I did a little bit of shopping at the beginning of the month when the kids were finally back and school and I could breathe and actually walk through a store without looking like a Hen and her chicks. I purchased a few things to round out my Fall wardrobe, but really guys, has anyone noticed that pretty much everything I got rid of 4 years ago is back in style? Why does everyone tell us to get rid of stuff if we haven’t worn it in a year? Because somewhere along the way everything I’ve ever worn comes back in style.

Do you need examples?

Flare pants-√ (circa 2011-2013)

High Wasted Pants-√ (circa High School–I know, my hip size would never fit into these again, but still)

Thick Heels-√ (circa-1999;pretty sure my wedding shoes were thick heeled)

Wedges-√ (circa-forever. my mom had a pair I use to dress up in)

Flannel Shirts-√ (circa-1994; our first picture as a couple was complete with flannel shirts)

You see? Something in my wardrobe will always be in fashion, so while I know it goes against everything everyone says, when in doubt, keep it. It’ll be back for sure.

4) Puppies are a lot of work. Need I say more???

I spy with my little eye... Pretty sure this is a no no, but he's so cute! The things they think are comfortable...

I’m sure I learned some deeper things in September, like from this book or this book, or even this book. But I’m still in the thinking mode about those things and don’t quite know how to put it into words yet.

Welcome October, I wonder what I’ll learn this month?

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