Remember That Time I Got Highlights?


It was almost a year ago when I wrote for 31 days about stepping out of your comfort zone. And it’s taken me that long to recover from getting two highlights in my hair and to decide to go back and do it again.

I’ve been flipping through images online to try to decide how I want my hair, and of course talking to my family about it to make sure they aren’t shocked and don’t recognize me. And everyone seems to agree that it’s time for a change, because my family is full of adventurers and they’re always inspiring me to do something risky, even in a small way. They know that in many ways I love variety, but in other ways I fear change.

Don’t freak out though, I’m not doing anything drastic. We all know that I have a very tight comfort zone circle, so stepping out of it for me is often the same as everybody else’s normal. But my long hair is giving me headaches, both literally and temperamentally, so no matter what, something has to be done. And I’ve decided the length needs to be adjusted and we are doing real caramel highlights this time. None of this hide-two-highlights-under-your-hair-and-say-you-stepped-out-of-your-comfort-zone business.

I texted back and forth with my hairdresser and determined that the only time to do it is this coming Friday morning, right before I’m scheduled to help Landis’s class walk to the pumpkin patch. So this could either be a really sweet memory for him, or it could be the kind of memory that turns into nightmares about the time his mom showed up to school but he didn’t recognize her and started crying because she didn’t show up.

It could be good, it could be bad.

I’ve always had this thing about the color of my hair and not wanting to mess with it, but really, I just feel like life is so short and I can’t play it safe forever. I mean, I can, but I might miss out on some fun opportunities or just the fun of doing something different. And in reality, it’s just hair, right? It’ll grow out.

(I’m trying to make it sound like it doesn’t matter what hair looks like in the end, but we women all know it’s part of our identity, however wrong that sounds, I’m just saying it like it is…and by the way, did you know there’s a book about hair and how intertwined we are with it? It’s totally on my to-read list, even though I have no idea if it’s good or not).

Maybe it will help my girls not to feel so bad about having to highlight their blonde hair when they get older and it starts turning brown, which is their biggest fear and worst nightmare. Unless you throw in the fear of it turning green during the swimming months, something a brunette just never has to worry about.

So all that to say, come Friday, I may be smiling, or I may be crying. Only time will tell.


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