8/52 and 9/52 Catching Up

Well, I skipped last week with the 52 project. Not only did I have lots going on both in life and in my heart, but I also realized I didn’t pick up my camera once. So I’m making up for it this week by posting two pictures of each of the kids.






DSC_0685Lunch date with this girl. So treasure these one on one moments, something my mo has always done with me. #juliamoments #orderup


~A portrait of each of my children, every week in 2015~

Amaleah//  A messy bun is all the rage right now, and I can totally relate to the desire to have just the right amount of messy. This week you had a science project that sort of seemed to take over my kitchen counter. But you worked extra hard to get it done a day early, and alas, it dropped and broke all over the place and you had to make a whole new one. I knew you were frustrated, but you took it in stride and were so diligent about redoing it that night, and cheerful, which is something I admire in you–you’re ability to not be shaken even when the circumstances don’t work out quite as planned.

Julia//  Look at you and the way you are pleasantly tackling your homework! I’ve seen such progress in your efforts and how you have taken it upon yourself to do your own responsibilities. You and I had such a sweet mother daughter date this week after early dismissal at school, enjoying your favorite lunch and then shopping at a favorite women’s clothing store. I loved your enthusiasm at helping me look for something, it truly is a joy having you with me to shop and I’ve gotten so dependent on your opinions on fashion–you certainly keep me in line, sweet girl!

Landis//  Last week we had some dryer troubles, and you wanted to be right in the middle of your daddy and the others helping install our new dryer. I love how you admire men and can’t wait to be big enough to do more important things. As it is, you really are a huge helper, and it was especially nice to have you be able to squeeze through tiny spaces and retrieve things for me. Not to mention your cute whiskers from Dr. Seuss week at school. You’ve also been busying yourself with writing everyone notes and giving everyone little gifts and candies–I hope your generous spirit only grows stronger as you grow older.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM

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