10/52 the 52 Project continues

Hey! So we are wrapping up our Spring Break week, and the weather, I must say, has definitely pulled through for us this year. It was warm and sunny most days and truly helped pull me out of that winter grog. Yesterday Luke did a bang up job getting our garden ready for the Spring, and the fresh Spring air was just what the doctor ordered.

Our Spring Break was restful, since all of us shared the stomach bug with each other and were thereby forced to spend hours either in bed or on the couch watching Netflix. I love sharing and all, but sometimes in these cases I just wish my kids were a little more selfish.  All in all, though, we were able to get out some on the days when we thought the coast was clear of all sickness.

(*please consider this my official apology if somehow we shared our love with you.*)

Here’s to another week of snapping shots of my kids. I keep hoping I will grow in my photographic artistry, but these days it’s enough for me to even pull out my camera!



~A portrait of each of my children, every week in the year 2015~

Amaleah//  The warm air brought out the gymnast in you this week, as every time I turned around you were doing back handsprings and such across the lawn. There is no challenge with your body that you can’t attempt, most often with success too. I know it was hard giving up gymnastics a couple of years ago, but I’ve loved how you have grown and blossomed in so many other areas of life. It’s still sweet to see you pull out your old skills now and then with such childlike abandon. I hope you always see life with such delight!

Julia//  You decided recently that you wanted to be more involved in cooking because you want to get better at it. So you have been helping me and Daddy with dinner, and have improved so quickly that you’ve even been allowed to use the big butcher knife. I love how proud you were to have sliced all the meat for Daddy’s steak Diane–it’s so fun to see you accomplish something and enjoy the beautiful results of your labors.

Landis//  I think the warm weather was just what you needed–I sensed you getting stir crazy for dirt and earth worms. When Daddy was digging up the garden you cheerfully observed the earth worms, and also you made a little farm for the roley-poleys and kept regular checks on them and tending to them with fresh leaves and things. Today you told me you found a role-poley grave yard, and then you brought in a live one to show me how he was missing an eye ball! You also came down dressed for church this morning, with your pockets full of tiny toy treasures. All of these things are pure delight for me as I watch you embrace boyhood.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM