Notes from the Weekend

DSC_0296 DSC_0321We partied…

On Friday night we had Julia’s birthday party at a trampoline park, like crazy people. I was actually slightly nervous about this party because it’s the only party I’ve ever hosted where parents actually have to sign their life away in order for their daughter to be admitted. And we all must be a little crazy  because the parents signed away like champs. And you know what? No one got injured, and I praised the Lord for that over and over again, believe me.

My takeaway: I love my kids’ friends. Seriously. I really always have, but for some reason, the combination of this sweet little group of girls (and Landis), with some of Julia’s friends and some of Amaleah’s, made me realize that my girls have some sweet peeps as friends, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I really do sit in awe of this all the time. As much as we parents want to micro manage and sit and chose everything for our children, including their friends (or maybe it’s just me?), my girls have done a fabulous job of finding their own sweet little friends to hang with.

And as I thought about this that night, I prayed with each of my girls that their friendships would continue, and that they would be the type of friendships that challenge and encourage each other, on both sides. That their friends would challenge my kids to love and good deeds, and vice versa. And that ultimately there would be Gospel moments and opportunities through it all.

We shopped…

On Saturday, I went shopping with Amaleah….and here’s the newsflash: the roles have somehow changed. We were shopping for Julia a gift and we went to Old Navy, and somehow the switch has happened. It wasn’t me dragging her from room to room and asking her which shirt she liked (although I did try to do that), it was more like her running all over the place to find matching shorts and create little outfits and ask me what I thought. Every time I turned around she was gone.

And there was this dad with a baby girl in a stroller looking on, and it was a little bit of a flashback moment as I thought about how it was just yesterday when that was me, and now my daughter is growing up and learning to navigate the world in her own way.

We also went to Lens Crafters, because this daughter of mine who has had glasses in the past has refused to wear them for two years, and because with age comes wisdom, she has finally realized that she can’t see right (for months she’s denied that she squints), and when given the choice of contacts or glasses, she finally settled on glasses (mostly because she’s freaked out about inserting a contact into her eye ball, and also because I told her she only needs her glasses when she does school work or watches tv).

It makes me puzzle that even now in modern times when there are cute glasses everywhere, kids still don’t want to be seen with glasses. Why is there this taboo on glasses????

We ate…

So here’s the thing. Luke has been on a low carb diet for months and months, and he’s looking mighty fine if I do say so myself. But I must admit, until lately, all his diet has done for me is make me stare at him and laugh while simultaneously stuffing my face with white bread and pizza and ice cream and hot chocolate chip cookies. I’m so nice like that. It’s not too far off from how I used to sit on the couch and eat Cookies n Cream ice cream while I watched him do P90X workout videos a few years back.

But alas, it finally got to me, this diet of his, and now I’m the one tossing hamburger buns in the trash and scraping off the toppings on pizza and dumping the crust in the trash. I don’t even recognize myself anymore. Who have I become?

But mostly, I’m determined to eat healthier–tons of vegetables and whole grains, and my kids aren’t that thrilled about this. Really, I’ve always served pretty healthy food, but I still hadn’t made the switch to purely whole grain things like pasta. But I’m trying it now, friends. I’ll get back to you in 6  months.

But all this to say, Luke took us to this lovely restaurant for Valentine’s day breakfast, and I hate to say, I broke my *diet* because…Garlic Potatoes. They were the best potatoes I’ve ever had. Hear me now, if you want to try some fancy pants breakfast and you make it in time or grab a reservation, this is the place to try. It swept us off our feet. (it’s a favorite for dinner but this is the first time we’ve tried their Saturday breakfast)


Here’s to a wonderful week…

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