7/52 of the 52 Project

Okay. So I’m trying this again. I posted this yesterday, but then problems arose on my blog and alas, this post was swept into cyberspace. Such is the life on-line. 

February is drawing to a close, and I continue with the 52 project. I am enjoying this project more than I knew, and learning to appreciate my children in a whole new way. As hard as motherhood is and as many times as my kids drive me crazy, they truly are amazing people and I love them with all my heart.




~A portrait of each of my children, every week in 2015~

Amaleah//  You’ve been sick this week, and have had to miss a couple of days of school (which I get the feeling you weren’t too sad about). It’s actually been fun to have you home and drink coffee together while watching the old Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew mysteries and snuggling on the couch (a welcome break for me too). We don’t get to have mother daughter time very often, but when we do, even if you have to be sick, I really enjoy it.

Julia//  And like that, you are 9. You savored every last bite of your birthday cake this week, and we didn’t waste one bit of it. For some reason the past few days, you’ve been hobbling around in Amaleah’s old broken foot boot, begging to go places in it (we’ve refused to let you). I think it’s a blessing that you’ve never had a bad injury, but I think you think you’ve missed out on something! You crack me up with your silly goofy ways, but I love how you still pretend things and create stories in your head.

Landis//  I can see this change happening in you, this new growth where you need to be more productive, you need structured activities. I think it’s the start of being ready for Kindergarten, and it’s quite exciting. So I picked up a few things to keep your little hands busy, and when you saw the new container of stencils, you immediately set to work making cards for a sick neighbor. Your generous spirit amazes me as you are constantly making little gifts for people and giving away things of your own. I don’t think anyone has left our house without a little something from Landis.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM