~A portrait of each of my children, every week in 2015~

Amaleah//  You are constantly learning new things, trying new things, attempting to accomplish new challenges. I’ve been amazed this week at your ability to update my computer and adjust settings on it, and you keep begging for more assignments because you seem to love it so much. I wonder what you will do when you grow up, and I can only believe it will be inventive, creative, and exciting. And you may even speak Spanish while doing it, as you have pulled out the Rosetta Stone again and are determined to complete this challenge.

Julia//  It’s recorder time at school! And you have taken it on with gusto, learning new songs on your own and playing with fervor and spirit. I love seeing this side of you–tackling a new skill and working diligently until you have success at it. And speaking of diligence, I have noticed this new diligence in you of making relationships right–of seeking out forgiveness and peace, and I prize this in you. You are a sensitive girl and I know as you grow older this will bless you as you develop more relationships.

Landis//  You were sick this week, and you are hardly ever sick. We had some sweet moments of snuggling and talking about God’s sovereignty and how He us the ultimate planner of our days, because you were sad you’d have to miss your basketball game and team pictures because you were sick. I love how you allowed the truths about God to comfort your soul when you could have cried and cried. I hope you will always take comfort in the Lord, even when your heart is sad.

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