Is it already February? One month into the 52 project, and I’m definitely needing to pull out my camera more…Here’s to a new month of completing this project!




~ A portrait of each of my children every week in 2015~

Amaleah// Girl, you can put down the meat! You are the farthest thing from a vegetarian, and you can be thankful I didn’t post the picture of you gnawing on the huge shank bone when you were out to eat with some friends. But I so love how you try new foods and request things like brie or tuna tartare. I picked you up from school this week to take you to lunch, and I had to laugh when you walked right past me in the hall and sped off to the car. When I asked, “Hey can I get a hug?” you said, “It’s best to do that outside of school just to make sure no one sees me and keeps me from leaving.” We had a sweet time with our french fries and chipotle mayo.

Julia// We went to the Spurs game this week with the family, and you and I rocked the black and white colors in extremely fashionable ways. You sat next to me and kept me posted on important things like who the players were (since I do not keep up with things like this) and what the score was. You and your sister so wanted some food, but you were sweet enough to search out some cotton candy instead of your choice so your brother could have his dream come true. I love how you empathize with people, it’s the sweetest thing. We also shared a little coffee date this week and did a little shopping–you are so much fun to have girl time with.

Landis// Little boy, you keep me laughing all day long! I taught you how to play Clue this week, and it was so cute to see you trying to remember the names of the rooms–your version includes rooms called “Band Hall” and “Living Room” and “Mysterious Dungeon.” And you aren’t quite sure yet what the whole point of the game is anyway, but you sure do love to pull out the knife and the revolver and the lead pipe and do all sorts of tricks with them. So it’s all good. Thanks for being my little buddy.

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