It’s not about lists for me this year…

Oh my goodness, and like that, a new year has begun. It’s so weird how we vamp up this one day, this new year, when really it’s just the next day. It has a new number, but time just keeps ticking, and it’s just another Thursday. And there you go, a little gloom and a little glum to add to your jolly spirits.

I guess by nature I reflect on stuff. A lot. Luke is my witness. I’m always analyzing, getting really introspective and internal about stuff. Mostly he sympathizes, joins in on the conversation, and sometimes he just laughs at me. And that’s okay, we balance each other out.

And this new year, this 2015, I have to say, I’m not feeling as fresh about. I’m not full of lists and goals and ideas. Yeh, there’s a couple of new recipes I’d like to try (I mean, I got the Sunday Suppers cookbook for Christmas, and who doesn’t want to try the Challah bread recipe?). I’d like to maybe pull out the ol’ rusty knitting needles and tackle a couple of projects. Maybe. I’d like to memorize Scripture with my kids weekly (which is why I bought these amazingly beautiful 8 by 10 Scripture letter cards, which are all sold out but they have a cute pocket version too).

But mostly, I want to be satisfied in Jesus, and find my contentment truly in Him.

That sounds super duper high and spiritual, oh so lofty. Please hear me out, and feel no judgment. This thing I want, this satisfaction I so crave, is coming from a heart that has pretty much been complaining about everything the last month; a heart that has been wrestling with feelings that I just want gone. It’s coming from a unthankful place, a place that has been kind of looking at life from the glass-half-empty perspective.

So you see, this is no glamorous new year’s resolution, and nothing to brag about.

But friends, this has to change. And the only real, true, and right way to change it is to believe the truth that Jesus is all I need. He satisfies the soul completely and thoroughly, and nothing else will.

When my heart wants to be disappointed and gripey and whiney, I need to. need to. need to. remember that Jesus is my all in all. No one else will satisfy, nothing else will satisfy.

No friend, no child, no husband, no house, no church, no coffee, no chocolate, no nothing.

Sure, enjoy all of the above. I do and I will. But I have to know in my heart that the satisfaction they bring will fade, and Christ is the only sure fire answer to long lasting contentment and satisfaction.

How are you doing, friends? Are you eager for a new year, full of anticipation? Do you have your lists of goals and plans and are you feeling ready for anything? If so, I’m so thankful for that for you. This is a wonderful time of year to reflect and regroup, and purpose to reboost.

Or are you approaching it with a little fear and trembling, knowing there’s some dust in your heart that needs to be swept away? This is me this year, and while it’s not the funnest way to approach a new year (it’s so much funner to be carefree and planning and eager and energetic), but it’s good.

It’s good because sometimes a messy heart is exactly what you need to point you into the arms of Jesus. When things are going along peachy, sometimes I forget to fall into Him, to lean on Him. And so when my heart feels like it’s a jumbled up mess, where else can I turn?

As I approach this new year, I just feel more mindful that I need Jesus, that I need to cling to Him and not look to anything else to satisfy. I need to be ready to face earthly loneliness and not search the depths of this world to fill a void.

Fill up on Jesus, friends. That’s the best way to start the new year.

And Happy 2015 from this motley crew…


*and yes, this is my new blog space…it’s so fun, thanks to Theme Maiden for working on this for me, she did a great job…it’s gonna take some time getting used to a new space and filling in all the blanks I need to fill in!

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