~A portrait of each of my children, every week in 2015~

Amaleah//After being away from home for over a week, you wanted to use your hands and create something, so you made homemade crackers all by yourself, even putting everything in the oven alone, which is a huge step for you. Your name means “works with her hands,” and you’ve always lived up to that.

Julia// This week you asked me to paint your fingernails and then just had to have your toenails match too, and we decided to go trendy and make the 4th finger a different color. Your thick blonde hair looks so pretty in a braid, and even though sometimes we fight a bit while I’m doing your hair, I’ll very much miss these little girl days when you grow up.

Landis// This is your first time to be on a sports team, and you had your first basketball game this week, and you made the only basket out of your whole team! We were so impressed with you, and your energy, and the way you have embraced this new era in your life without any fear at all.

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