1/52~The 52 Project

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~A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2015~

Amaleah// You take your work seriously and are so sweetly competitive. You took it upon yourself to reorganize the coffee table at chore time, making neat stacks of all the books and making the room look beautiful. You inspire me.

Julia// I love the care and effort you put into going out into the world, even if it’s just to play outside. The way you put together fashionable outfits blows me away, I learn so much from you. I appreciate so much the way you care about the details of life. What a gift.

Landis// You can hardly stay still for one minute, and I love it. Your energy is contagious and sometimes I can’t contain my joy when I watch you play. And even in all your movement, you still pause regularly for a quick hug and snuggle.

*I’ve been motivated by Bethany Douglas and Kaylan Buteyn, who completed this project in 2014 in such a lovely and inspiring way that I decided months ago this would be my project for the new year.

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