The Great Christmas Tree Fiasco/Drama/Success

As every other good American family does this time of year, we have this tradition of picking out a Christmas tree as a family the weekend after Thanksgiving…it’s a big deal. Luke pulls out each tree, turns it, we yay or nay, over and over until the perfect one is found. Obviously this is done at a retailer, and not at a Christmas tree farm (we live in South Texas, and while tree farms do exist, trees from about these parts just aren’t that pretty, it seems).

But first, let’s take a trip down memory lane for a minute, for nostalgia sake…

*one of my absolute favorite family photos. 2010….

* 2011, Landis finds a string and that’s enough for him…

*2012, a picture says a 1000 words…

*2013. I failed in the family historian role last year, because this is one of two pictures I have of that historical event….

The last couple of years, we’ve had a problem with our Christmas trees going dead within two weeks of purchasing, so we decided to abandon Lowe’s and Home Depot this year and try some of those Papa Noel type tree stands. And thus begins the painful search for a tree this year. And to save you the long version of the story, I offer you the short story in sub points…

1st Stop// Beautiful trees, cheapest price @ $100. Not being able to bear spending that much money, we bravely told the kids “no, not here.” And also promised to donate the leftover money we save to Compassion International. We felt so holy.

2nd Stop// Pretty trees, slightly cheaper but not cheap enough.

3rd Stop// Drive by Whole Foods. Nah.

4th Stop// Home Depot. Cheap Prices. Finally. BUT!!! Everything is dying, at which point despair is kicking in.

5th Stop// Lowe’s. Death. And I’m not exaggerating. Despair.

(at this point, we began to wonder if we were going to have to re-neg and spend the big bucks at Papa Noel and not donate our money???)

(I completely realize this is a first world ridiculous and absurd crisis).

Stop 6// Wal-Mart drive by…but they make you walk through the whole store to the garden center and we weren’t about to do that. No tree is worth that, especially when you’re stop number six.

So we went home, empty handed. And our kids were actually okay with it because at that point we were all hungry and grumpy.

So Sunday came and we decided to head to H-E-B after church, and finally, pretty trees and cheap prices. And by that point we only needed to look at two trees to pick out the one we loved. And lo, a tree was purchased and set up and decorated all in the afternoon.

Ah, but that’s not the end. Because this is where my annoyance with bad lighting comes in. So last year Luke purchased LED tree lights after the holidays marked way down, so he used them on the tree this year. But then it seriously made it look like a tree straight from A Christmas Vacation.

It didn’t really bother Luke, but the lights were so blinding I found I couldn’t even sit in the same room with the tree. And then I decided there was no way I could feel this way about our Christmas tree, and our Christmas spirit, for the rest of December.

So this is my awesome husband un-decorating the tree….

So I purchased new lights from Hobby Lobby, and even though I had to return them once because they were white corded instead of green corded, and even though this involved almost entirely un-decorating the tree and re-decorating the tree, I finally took a breath of relief and could enjoy our tree…

(clearly, my lighting job was not as good as Luke’s, but I’m all about a rustic looking tree. oh, and please notice the little white ball of fur under the tree…our cat’s favorite spot these days…)

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM