9 Days Until Christmas, Are You Ready???

I guess you could say I’ve succumbed to the avalanche I’d like to call December. I heard someone say that “busy” is like every American’s pat answer when anyone asks how life’s been going. And so I feel like I’ve been trying not to say that word so as to not be one of those statistics. But guys, the truth is staring at me in the face: I’ve been busy.

Let me just give you a little low down of the last ten or so days, since I’ve been absent from the blogging world for about that long and I’ms positive you all were absolutely worried sick over what has happened to me. (ha).

So let’s see, first, our neighborhood has been hit by a band of robbers (sounds so romantic when you say it like that), and our laid back nature turned around and bit us when the aforementioned decided to steal some valuables, which included Luke’s computer and my mini iPad (the nerve! this led to much sorrow as Luke had just put in a ton of work on his computer all for naught, and then I was forced to be all nice and share my computer because he had to use it for “work,” as though my blogging career isn’t work…I’m kidding).

But not to worry, we have all sorts of traps planned for future robbers, since my son is the kind that loves to set booby traps…beware, mister robber, of a button that you might step on and the cage that will come flying down upon you, or better yet, of the invisible fire you might walk through that will burn your bottom…

Oh but that’s not the end of my shenanigans. Then my children had four shows/pageants/recitals within a 12 hour period, all lovely, of course, but enough to turn this momma into a crazy lady running all around town. Then I up and decided to come down with a fever and get all sick, then lost my voice, which my children were overjoyed sad about.

Julia as the Evil Queen, in Snow White. She rocked it.

and the King in the purple robe is my boy, and he even had a couple of lines which he rocked as well!

*Amaleah had a flute concert that I had to miss, but she rocked it too because all my kids rock. 

And somewhere in the middle of that I ran a 5K with Julia, did all my Christmas shopping, moaned about having to shop for a pre-teen and wished for the days when I could buy just toys for everyone and call it a day. Throw in a Christmas party with our church where I yelled my no-voice voice out again as we all played this loud hysterical game of Heads Up, and now my voice is just pathetic.

I’ve given up baking anything for teachers, because it’s not a competition about who sends the best teacher gift, right? I mean all they really want are gift cards, right? (can you hear me trying to get your okay on this?) And I’ve just about given up on our annual New Year’s card, since it’s so far from being done and I’m starting to cave. But who knows, there’s still time for a miracle.

And just to see if Luke is reading, I thought I’d give him a couple tips when it comes to gifts for me–I’m all out of chap stick, which totally messes up my night time routine; most of my socks have toes peaking out of them; and my refrigerator is missing one of those magnetic grocery list notepad things, which means I’ve been forced to take mental note of my grocery needs, which is completely undependable. See, I’m not that difficult to shop for–I’m sure you can find all of those items at the 5 & Dime (name that Christmas tune)

So there you go, my December happenings. I feel like many of you have similar stories to tell. Anyway, December is way more than all these trivial things, and I’ve been enjoying going through the Advent with my family–I feel like it grounds me with the hope of the Gospel in the midst of the worldly chaos. I hope this is true for you too…

P.S. The little makeover on this blog is about to happen, people, like very, very, very soon. Which has also kept me kind of preoccupied and I’ll be happy when it’s over. So if you have trouble viewing my blog over the next few days it’s probably down for a bit getting some love. 

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