We Have a Shared Need, You and Me

Last weekend I whisked myself off to Mexico City to spend some time with Naomi (& her family); it was a well needed girl weekend for both of us (we did include my brother in law some too, cause he’s awesome when it comes to good conversation and encouraging words, so every now and then he’s allowed in).

We stayed home lots, but also wandered the pretty streets nearby, and found ourselves at the Panaderia two different times–it’s such a charming little bakery and has amazing coffee and pastries, how could we not be drawn back again and again? Of course, the company was probably what made all those things delicious and pleasing, since good food and coffee is almost always better shared with friends.

The beauty of this friendship we have, is the sharing too–it’s such a give and take. We are both needy gals, needy for Christ, needy for leaning into Him and depending on Him for absolutely everything. And when we share our hearts, that’s the reoccurring theme, the common thread. The more time we talk the more we connect over life struggles, heart issues, and the overall desire to see Jesus shine more clearly through us, and the confusion we feel when we can’t see that in ourselves.

As we spent the last morning together praying (a tradition that is soooo good for our souls), I found that we have a shared need, and I’m thinking most moms out there have this in common too—

We want our love for Jesus to pour out of our lives, to drip out of our mouths, to be the fragrance our children know us for and recognize. And daily we struggle, fighting our flesh and our negative attitudes and our complainy hearts and our unmet expectations. But we desire with the strongest of all desires to have the power of the Gospel guiding us and leading us, with joy! And this was our prayer for ourselves and our prayer for each other.

And our prayer for you, momma, woman, daughter, friend–may the power of the Gospel impact your life on a daily basis; that it will be the steady guide in all you do. That you won’t be bound by your own emotions, but that you will be able to overcome with all grace and wisdom, and that others will see Christ in and through you.

As I always say, we are in this together…

*P.S. The kissy-face picture above was totally unplanned–neither of us knew the other one was doing it…I think that is the sign of a kindred spirit.

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