CURRRENTLY// Vol.3 What I’m Into This Week & Weekend

So tomorrow I fly down to Mexico to visit Naomi. We planned this trip one week ago, because we thrive on being last minute around here.  How would we keep the spark in life if we planned everything way in advance? That would be boring.

No, but really, it was just my sweet husband loving both of us tenderly and understanding that sometimes, a friend just needs her friend. Can’t wait to see her and snuggle her kids…

I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve been wanting to write a Currently type post for a while and so I’m following along with Jenna and Anne and their prompts…

Wish Listing//Okay, so I bought Luke bought me a tote in September, and I love love love it. So pleased that I plan to write a full post on this tote (along with a few others I admired along the process). But friends, have you seen these Better Life Bags totes and bags?

They are so pretty, and you can even design your own by choosing your own fabric and style of bag. They have an awesome mission–they employ mostly immigrant women in their town who would otherwise be unemployed, and they teach them skills and provide them with the tools to make a living for their family. So I may not actually be putting this on my wish list since I have an amazing new bag that I adore, but this is just to say, if I needed a new bag I’m pretty sure I’d be seriously considering one of these…

Creating//I pinned this Thankful Tree  from Simply Vintage Girl last week as inspiration for something similar I’d like to do with my own amazing branch that has lasted so well. I wanted to start on it this week, but with the kids sick early on, and what with planning for this impromptu trip, it will have to wait until next week. Honestly, I won’t be cutting tree branches and painting chalk paint or anything, but it’s the intention of having us remember to be thankful every day that I’d like to emphasize this month…even if it’s with scraps of paper and string.

And as an aside, is it just me or is anyone else irritated that shopping centers are decked out for Christmas already? Hello, where did Thanksgiving go? Can we please enjoy the current holiday?

Reading//Remember when I was reading A Praying Life, and absolutely loving it? Some friends and I are now reading Paul Miller’s next book, A Loving Life, and are excited about this look at the book of Ruth, digging into what true love is and how we can make it through rough circumstances or through difficult relationships while having a real abiding love.

Loving// (Okay, this picture is 5 years old and I was 40 weeks pregnant, so a little grace here please), but this rag quilt my mom made for me! I love it so much and am very selfish with it…It’s mine!!!! However, I have since made one for each of my girls, and will eventually make one for the little man. I’m telling you, there is nothing more snuggly than a homemade quilt. Especially one signed by your mommma.

Appreciating// Can I just give a shout out here to all the women who have gone before me and done this motherhood thing, and all the mommas who’ve made it through their kids preteen years, and all of you who are in the midst of it, in it to win it, like me? And more specifically, thanks to my Mom for still being my friend after all the smack I gave you when I was oh, anywhere between the age of 11 to now 14? And if you think this is coming from a week of dealing with a preteen, you are right (Ah, but I appreciate her more than she even knows, so there’s that.)

Looking Forward To// Some grown-up girl time with Naomi, which I hope will include lots and lots of coffee, standing around in her kitchen watching her cook, but keeping her really good company with my amazing conversation skills, lots of walks (until my feet hurt and then we stop, for a coffee), messing around with our cameras, solving the world’s problems, and prayer. Amen and amen.

What are you doing this weekend? 

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