Way Back Wednesday…Friends Are Friends Forever

It’s day 15// write31days// we’re half way through. Can we make it???

(and by “we” I mean “I”, and only time will tell)

Anyone else out there remember calling up the radio station with your best friend and asking them to play Friends Are Friends Forever over and over and over again, until the Radio Station told us to stop calling???

That’s what friends are for.

One thing that has blown me away this month is my friendships. I didn’t anticipate how my sweet friends would get on board with my crazy little challenge–and they haven’t given up! I received two separate texts from friends yesterday with ideas for ways to hang out with me try new things.

Granted, one of them wants me to run five miles with her, and just can’t fathom why I won’t. But people, you have to draw the line somewhere, right?

Either way, I’m feeling the love.

One of my sweetest friends, Lory, made her way down to my side of town the other day to keep up a fun tradition we have–we try to meet for lunch or coffee to celebrate each other’s birthdays. Even though we live in the same city, it’s a huge challenge to get together! So this gives us a goal of seeing each other at least twice a year, although more would be nice.

So we met at Bird Bakery (and if you’ve been reading, you all know that I love this place). I think it’s so fun that she wanted to come down and try something that I enjoy (so really, she’s the one who was stepping out of her comfort zone here). She brought her adorable little girl (she has three school aged boys), and I brought my adorable little boy…

We fed them some sweets and we enjoyed coffee, a sandwich and our own treat.
And we solved all of our problems in two hours flat.

Maybe not, but it sure feels better to talk to a friend, right?

I love how we can be honest with each other about life, the good things and the bad. I love how she always has an encouraging word and how her outlook on life is so hopeful. I think she’s seen God work in amazing ways so many times in her own life, she’s seen His grace and comfort and has gained all her strength from Him, that it overflows from her countenance. I don’t even think she realizes it.

We’ve been friends since 7th grade. When we got to high school we decided Naomi could be friends with us too (well, I think it was actually the other way around–I always thought they were cool, but they were a year older than me so it’s more likely that they decided to let me be their friend).

There’s pretty much nothing we haven’t been through together, and that’s no exaggeration. She’s a friend for life, hands down. She’s such a faithful friend, not even a pile of my snotty tissues all over her sleeping bag on a high school camping trip could disrupt her enduring friendship. We’ve stood the test of time, and I couldn’t be more blessed.

And so, since nothing can separate our friendship, not even me posting old high school photos, that’s how faithful she is, I will test the limits and take a trip down memory lane. There’s a few other friends in the mix who I’m also still friends with (your welcome Sharon)

I hope you have some friends that still love you even after they’ve seen the worst of you, they’ve seen you age, and they know all your dirty little secrets. These are the ones worth keeping.

(and if not, don’t be discouraged–go be that kind of friend to somebody else). 

umm, I don’t think I knew how to use tweezers yet…

please notice my very cool sneakers

i have no words
what were those guys thinking I wonder…border town, texas

because that’s what a luggage bin is for

one of those guys is now my pastor. i won’t mention any names.
work out session. why?
fashion sense, that’s what. 
dc talk and us. enough said. except, please notice the flash lights being used as microphones.

Hope you enjoyed this embarrassing moment as much as I did.

Also, one note of business…I’ve been told that my blog is very hard to comment on, so I think I’ve fixed it. I hope you try again and let me know if it’s easier to comment! I love having conversations with you all!

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