Things I Didn’t Do This Month

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This writing every day thing is coming to a close, and I have to tell you I think I’m done trying new things, for the month of October, that is. There was plenty on the list that I didn’t get a chance to do, like…

*Make my bed–amidst other chores that definitely got skipped over

*Mow the lawn–I promise that I really was going to do this, except for the fact that we-have-no-grass, and Luke’s hints that I could mow the grass on the side of the house felt so unworth it. I mean, if I’m going to put myself out there, likely make a fool of myself, sneeze for hours afterwards because of the allergens I’m stirring up, it better be worth it–I need to see a whole entire lawn mown to match the effort.

*Try a new perfume–seems pretty boring, which is probably why I didn’t get around to this one, but the reason I thought of doing it in the first place is because I’ve warn the same fragrance for about 20 years, and the only other people I even smell this fragrance on are old ladies. And, I’m down to my last drop of perfume, so really, I will be doing this in the near future, but I may just fall back on the old tried and true…I’d love to hear your thoughts on perfume recommendations, please tell all!

*Cook some new recipes…but friends, I was too busy writing to spend any extra time cooking, that’s just the way it is.

*Buy a Jumpsuit, or Romper, whatever you call it. I know they’re all the rage, Naomi, but I’d much rather spend my money on work out clothes than that, which is saying alot because I hate spending money on spandex.

*Run into a store and grab the first five ingredients I come to and go home and cook with them. I really wasn’t planning to do this, but I thought I could always fall back on it if times got desperate.

*Wear red lipstick–I just thought it would be interesting to wear something I never would normally do and comment on how it made me feel or whether or not people stared at me.

*Give away something really meaningful to me--Caroline suggested this and I’ve prayed a lot about it but nothing has opened up that would give me a clear direction on 1) what to give up and 2) who to give it to. I’m still praying and listening to the Holy Spirit on this one, knowing He will make it clear at some point.

I think tomorrow I will post some links to inspire with things to think about or try, things that have inspired me that I’d like to attempt sometime soon. And Friday I will post a recap and some thoughts about this whole month. Then I plan to take a deep breath and be quiet for a few days…

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