That Time We Didn’t Go to the Lecrae Concert

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When Luke told me LeCrae was coming to town, I immediately thought about some close friends of ours who love Christian rap. Luke said that we should go to the concert with them (and of course he knew that would be totally out of my comfort zone, and that I’d probably only ever go to that concert if I was armed with a friend).

I don’t branch out much when it comes to music, and rap is just hard for me to listen to because half the time it’s just way too fast for me to grasp. But I know Caroline has been deeply challenged by much of the theology and encouragement to live out the faith by Lecrae as well as Shai Lin.

I resisted—this sounded like too much for me. But with Luke’s encouragement, we enlisted our friends, hem hawed around, and finally all of us had rounded up sitters for the kids and were good to go. I even downloaded Lecrae’s latest album, thinking that I should at least know some of the music before I got to the concert.

But then we went to purchase tickets, and lo and behold, after all that figuring, it was too late. The tickets were sold out…unless we wanted to sit spread out all over the auditorium.

So we had to let this dream go (and Luke had to let the dream go of buying a straight-billed hat for the occasion–I’m afraid he still might do it, though).

It was actually a blessing in disguise, this whole Lecrae thing. We hadn’t spent time with these dear friends in ages, and so it allowed for Caroline and I to have a really great and long conversation on the phone, where we discussed the theology of rap and all that, as well as deeper things that we had been meditating on.

And then it just gave us a built in double date night, where our babysitting was already taken care of and all we had to do was pick a restaurant and meet up. So we met at The Luxury, one of our favorite outdoor restaurants, knowing that this was actually going to be a better venue for relationship building anyway, where we could hear each other talk and not just listen to rap and hip hop.

Francis and Caroline encourage me so much! They are such an amazing testimony and example of people who live and breathe the Gospel. They shine! They are always pondering truths from Scripture and figuring out how to live it out in their lives. It’s so wonderful to have friends like this.

(I hope you do, and if you don’t I’m sure they’d have you over for dinner to change that…)

I just need to say that all this stepping out of my comfort zone stuff has truly enabled me to make some memories with friends and spend time with actual people. It’s been so much about people, about doing things with friends and family, and probing the heart, learning about each other, encouraging each other.

The activity we do together is just the avenue for relationship building, like the poached egg with my mom or the gardening with my mother in law. These simple little things I’m attempting to do all in one month, as dorky and crazy as the idea has been, has truly led to some sweet moments with people, even if some things just don’t quite turn out as planned.

When was the last time you had some concentrated conversation time with really good friends?

(sidenote about listening to lecraeit is good–very thought provoking, challenging, and sometimes even uncomfortable for this white girl. when I got the album and listened to the first song on the way to drop the kids off at school, it seemed to just keep going and going. I was thinking, “I guess this genre of music repeats itself A LOT!” but then I realized I had accidentally set it on repeat…and then when I let one of my girls off at school she insisted I turn it off before I open her door. See? it’s hard to breach the comfort zone and then let other people know about it!!! we’re so worried about what people will think)

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