That Time I Poached an Egg

*day 2//write31days

So I know it seems silly and absurd and how could this possibly be true, but…

I’ve never poached an egg. There. I said it. The truth is out.

In talking this over with a friend, I realized I might be very alone in this, that maybe every other housewife has poached an egg and might possibly do it daily for her husband.

But not I, my friend. Not I.

Luke loves himself a poached egg (which he has only ever had at restaurants), so he suggested I try to learn this skill this month. I guess I’ve always been a little nervous about pouring an egg into simmering water, it just doesn’t seem right. But alas, that’s what this month is for…

So on a whim, I showed up at my mom’s house and told her we were going to poach some eggs. My mom is such a good sport she literally that very moment pulled out a pan and started filling it with water. Sometimes I forget how adventurous my mom is.

I pulled up this Alton Brown video real quick and handed it to Landis and told him to watch it and tell us what to do. (What, your 5 year old can’t do that? Weird.) (mostly we were racing the clock and I needed to preoccupy the little guy and include him at the same time)

So we did it. And Landis pulled through for us. We could kind of hear Alton’s instructions as we were working on this, and then Landis finished the video and came over and told my mom to make sure she stirred the bottom of the pan to get the bubbles off. (reader take note: if you don’t want something you say repeated, make sure Landis is nowhere to be found. that kid listens.)

It worked! On my first try! And it wasn’t that hard! It was surprisingly way easier than I thought it was going to be. Mostly it was a lot of waiting and watching and worrying (are you sure the water is hot enough? when will the beeper go off?)

And then I ate it, in all it’s creamy glory. And it was good.

What did I learn? Sometimes you just have to try the thing you think you can’t do. And if at all possible, do it with your mom.

Have you ever poached an egg? 

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