Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone//Write 31 Days–day 1

It’s day one of the October Write31Days challenge–this is my first time to do this and I’m terrified excited! There are hundreds of bloggers choosing to take the month of October and write their hearts out about something near and dear to them (so take a peak and see if anything else strikes your fancy).

I’ll keep an updated list on this page of all the posts as they come…so just click on the title to read further.

Day 1–scroll down and continue reading this page
Day 2– That Time I Poached an Egg
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Day 4– My Most Embarrassing and Awkward Moment, Ever…
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Day 13– Embracing Another Side of Town, Enjoying Beauty, Pondering Deeper Things
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Day 18– Renewing Relationships Even When it’s Uncomfortable
Day 19– Preparing for Halloween
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Day 21– Eating Someone Else’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
Day 22– Hanging Out With a Cow Named Molly (and a Sweet Friend)
Day 23– Downward Dog
Day 24– What This Comfort Zone Thing Really Means to Me
Day 25– Letting Someone Else Do the Talking
Day 26– His Strength, Not Mine// Music and Church Planting
Day 27– Reaching Out to the Dry Cleaning Lady
Day 28– That Time I Went Mountain Biking With My Husband
Day 29– Things I Didn’t Do This Month
Day 30– Blogs I’m Growing to Love// Reader Feedback, Pretty Please?
Day 31– Happy Halloween, I Feel Like Partying!


Stepping out of my comfort zone is an issue that has pushed and shoved on my heart for years; I have both responded to the call to step out of my comfort zone, and I have ignored it. It is such a stretch for me, a challenge, a struggle of the heart–I love to play it safe; I hate the thought of something going wrong or making the wrong decision, and I really, really don’t like change (although it wasn’t until recent years that I finally had this revelation).

But these things, the staying away from things that make us nervous and feeling like we aren’t in control, can be paralyzing, and one thing I’ve found is that if I choose to stay inside my safe box (where I never feel nervous or stretched), I will miss so many wonderful opportunities in life that bring growth, fruit, and meaning. It’s not about shunning the comfort zone always, but it’s about using your comfort zone as a place of rest and retreat, and stepping out of it regularly to embrace life around us.

I’ve come a long way…a very long way, and I’m here to tell you about it, encourage you with my stories, and also to stretch myself even more this month as I attempt to try many more new things and write about my experiences doing it.

I have an ongoing list of things I’m going to attempt to try this month, some quite simple and fun, just to see what it’s like to do something I would normally avoid. Others have more to do with facing my fears and hopefully living to tell you about it.

On the short list of things to do, just to give you a little teaser–get my hands dirty and do some gardening (this is definitely not my thing), and maybe, just maybe attend a Lecrae concert (Never been to a hip-hop concert, don’t even listen to it for that matter. The only thing even remotely close was the dctalk concert I went to in like 6th grade, and I totally just dated myself and can you really call that rap?/and what will I even wear to this concert???). Oh, and one thing Luke is very excited about…me *attempting* to mow the lawn (I’m not making any promises, people).

On Sundays I’ll be writing about times we’ve stepped out of our comfort zones in really big ways, and how those decisions changed our lives. I’ll share comfort zone fails–times I tried to get out of my comfort zone and it turned out I should have just stayed in my comfort zone to begin with.

This month will be a time where I reflect on how God has urged me on and taken care of me in the process, and a time to push myself even further to explore this amazing world God has created.

And more than that I hope to encourage you to take some steps out of your comfort zone and taste life in a deeper, more fuller way.

Will you join me? I’m still collecting ideas, so if you think of something just leave me some suggestions as a comment. I’d also love to hear ways you have stepped out of your comfort zone and how it impacted your life. And also, let me know if you try something new this month too! We can do this together!

Topics coming up in the next few days: 
//Don’t be afraid to sweat! 
//Is there anything spiritual about stepping out of your comfort zone?
//Taking Risks for the Sake of Friendship

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