Semi-Macrame: My Attempt at a DIY Wall Hanging

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Q: What happens when your washer starts to bounce across the floor whilst it’s stuffed with towels, and smoke starts pouring out when you open the lid to check on it?
A: A morning of waiting for hours for the repair man to come, with absolutely nothing to do but pull things off my recently decorated wall and try something new. This is what happens when my schedule is thrown for a loop.

My living room wall is still in the making. Our house is in sort of a permanent state of temporariness, if you will. Meaning, something is always getting changed as I feel inspired. Anyway, I liked the wall okay, but I knew when I first hung stuff up there that I’d be adjusting it over time.

As I pulled things down and rearranged, and with this new found imprisonment of being stuck at home when I really had errands to run, I remembered this blog post from A Beautiful Mess I had seen recently about a DIY wall hanging made with yarn and a rug.

Okay, a rug on a wall with yarn hanging from it, this is a stretch for me. It’s kind of quirky. When Luke first saw it in the making and I explained it to him he was like “Oh, so like Raggedy Anne?”

But we’ve definitely been described as quirky before so I guess it’s okay if our wall is quirky too.

So I took out a rug that I like, but because of the recent movement of furniture and things, I hadn’t needed anymore, and cut off strips on the sides so it would fit in the spot I needed it. Then I painted the edges with Fray Check to help it not to unravel.

Then Landis and I jumped into the car and ran to Joann Fabrics (a mere 2 minutes from my house), quickly picked out some fun colors of yarn and ran home. (I really didn’t need more balls of yarn, I have two drawers full, but I’ve been staring at the same yarn for years and I just needed some colors and textures that would excite me).

Then I proceeded to cut yarn and weave and knot, with Landis helping here and there. I’ve been doing this off and on since Wednesday, and it’s been fun. Yes it looks like a mess at first, but after it got a haircut it came together much better.

It’s definitely different than anything I’ve ever done, which is why it’s out of my comfort zone, and I have no idea if I will like it for the long term, but in total it cost $30 with lots of yarn leftover for other projects, which in my opinion is a decent price for a 2′ by 3′ wall hanging. I’m not sure about the greenish teal color yet, it’s coming off as more green than I thought it would. But that’s an easy fix if I hate it.

And then I also got tired of staring at a white canvas, and since we are so slow at deciding to buy art, I decided to just paint something on the canvas to temporarily fill the space.

Eventually, when I get my photos organized (and hopefully that will be soon), I plan to get some printed and frame them for this wall and some other spaces. 
Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM