Letting Someone Else do the Talking

(*day 25// write31days// it’s almost midnight, but I made it)

Today we had our annual Fall Festival with our church, which is always at Brenda’s house out on their *mini* farm (the same place I talked about here).

It was the anniversary of meeting our friend Lu, who is a student who moved here from China last year. We’ve so enjoyed getting to know her this year–it’s been a huge stretch for us and the first time we’ve welcomed a person from another country into our lives and family. What a sweet privilege it’s been!

Last year when I picked her up to take her to the Fall Festival, it was the first time we had ever met. We had plenty of time on the drive to and from the farm to discuss everything from religion to parenting (she had to listen to me try to parent my boy last year as he screamed the entire 45 minutes home).

So this year I wanted to drive her to the festival again, if at all possible. But Luke was working (same as last year) and we had a soccer game on the complete opposite side of town, and it was going to equal a ton of extra time on the road.

I wanted to be able to show her we loved her and I wanted to be able to absorb all that driving time, hopefully having more opportunities to explain the Bible and the Gospel (she has been very open to hearing about Jesus this year, and has frequented our church often and asked very good questions). I wanted my kids to know that even if we had to drive a ton when we were exhausted from a smoldering hot soccer game, we could do it for the love of Christ and Lu.

But late last night I was beginning to dread more and more the day we had planned today, and so I finally texted my friend who lives near where Lu would be to see if there was a chance she could give her a ride. And it just so happened that my friend’s husband was going to be in the same neighborhood picking up other Chinese friends to take them to the festival too.

I still sort of wanted to say, “Nah, I’ll do it myself, it’s okay.” But I realized that I was actually depending on myself to do the gospeling of our friend, and not leaving room for other people to love on her. As much as I wanted to be super woman and do everything all on my own, this was actually an opportunity for me to trust the Lord with my friend and trust that He may use many different people in her life to bring her to salvation.

It was an opportunity for me to get smaller, and I need these opportunities, big time.

So I didn’t necessarily try anything new today, except for some different foods at the festival, but perhaps the new thing for me was to be okay with asking for help, and to allow others to do the talking too.

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