I Must Be Going Through a Mid-Life Crisis

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I texted my mom yesterday morning to tell her that I was probably going to get highlights on my virgin hair, and I just wanted her to know, in case any mourning needed to happen.

She immediately called (mostly just to chat), but said that my Dad thought I was going through a mid-life crisis. I had to laugh. But I promised I’m not. Actually, highlighting my hair wasn’t even my idea.

When Luke and I were trying to come up with things for me to try this month, I said something about my hair and he said, “You could get highlights. That would definitely be out of your comfort zone.”

He knows my dirty little secret–that I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I’ve never done anything unnatural to my hair (it’s kind of the same as how I pride myself on never having mowed a lawn).

(why did I get myself into this challenge in the first place?)

So yes, yesterday I went to get my haircut. I had texted my hair dresser that I might be thinking about doing something crazy like highlights, so she allowed for extra time. By the time I got there I had convinced myself that you only live once and that hair is hair and come on, a little flare won’t hurt.

However, I think I expressed myself a little bit too conservatively when I was describing the highlights I’d like and showing Cat all the images of highlights I absolutely hate so she’d completely understand.

(She has no idea that I’ve been known to come home from haircuts and cry myself to sleep and pull out the scissors and try to fix it myself only to have to humbly call the hair dresser and ask for a redo, even though I was the one who screwed it up the worst. But ah, that was years ago, when I was but a child.)

So I had her take a before picture, and then we got on with the whole shebang….

And I sit here today telling you I can see two flecks of highlights in my hair. I’m not even joking. The highlighting is so faint that I couldn’t even send my mom a picture of it because it absolutely looked no different then before. In fact, I have a natural highlight on the very top front of my head that was already there and it stands out more than the fake stuff.

So I need some advice. Do I text her and ask her for a little more highlighting since I can’t see it at all and it feels like all the trauma of soul I went through up to that point was a waste? Or do I just wait til next time and figure the lesson here is:

Don’t just stick your baby toe out of your comfort zone, be either ALL IN or GO HOME!!!!

And since I didn’t get any after pictures and I’m counting on you to tell me what to do, I thought these will do…It’s not too much to ask a hairdresser to do the following, right? Come on!

first image found here, second one via pinterest here

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM