Hanging Out With a Cow Named Molly (and a Sweet Friend)

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My long time friend Brenda invited Landis and me out to her farm today. Well, it’s not quite a farm, but to this city slicker it is…

Pretty much for me, if you have a cow and some chicks and places to house those said animals, you have a farm.

So she asked me if I wanted to do some farm work as a way to stretch me out of my comfort zone, and of course I said, “Heck yeh!” But then she asked if I wanted to come in time for the morning feeding and farm work and I wimped out…

But only because, you know, I have children to feed and hustle off to school and all. You know.

I did make it to the farm by 8:30, but farmer’s are up and out of there by that time. So she humored me with some sweet farm work like giving chickens some lettuce and learning how to be a cow whisperer.

Landis loved it–we fed the chickens and watched them come out and nibble. Then we went over to Molly the cow and watched her eat her hay and avoided stepping in the manure that had been hosed in by Mr. Farmer–they asked me if I wanted to hose down the manure, but I declined.

Molly was sweet and all and actually pranced over for a little visit and petting. But then she got all jumpy and literally started bouncing and so I grabbed Landis’s hand and whisked him out of there. No need to be trampled by a cow today.

Ah, but then, the zip line. Yes, they have a zip line which makes them the coolest people ever, according to my kids. So Landis went on the zip line uninterrupted, not having to take turns with anyone. And Brenda and I continued our good conversation as we repeatedly let L ride into the wind

(but not without some snuggles from Mommy)

Inside, Landis played with all of her amazingly well preserved toys, the kinds you and I used to play with as kids that now our own kids think are so cool! We visited for a good long time, and I picked her brain about how she managed chores and organization of her family when her four boys were young.

She actually found the little box of index cards from all those years ago that had her lists of chores, goals for some years, little plans for this and that, she saved all that stuff friends! And it was so fun to look through it and gain some simple inspiration for being more on top of things with my own family. She is a wonderful resource, and so kind to share these things with me.

After some lunch on the porch, we did some more zip lining (and yes, I even did it this time too), and then had to end our sweet time and say goodbye.

It was such a fun day. I mean, I really didn’t do any farm work, but as we’ve all been discovering this month, the new things I’ve been trying have actually been way more about friendship than anything else, and so it just served as the mode to get us together for a good heart to heart visit.

Ah, but don’t forget that I zip-lined, and I did it for you, friends.

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