Girls Night Out–A Night Downtown and a Concert

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I’m a classically trained musician, so for me, going to a concert includes calm, hushed voices, sitting still in your seats, holding in a cough until your face turns blue, and maybe bringing some opera glasses…stuff like that. I am used to sitting in my seat and breathing in the music, but not being expected to involve myself with the music beyond letting it envelope my soul.

But I have friends, and not all of them want to sit through Yo Yo Ma.

My sweet friend Sarah was looking for a friend to go with her to the Phillip Phillips concert this week, and since Lecrae didn’t work out and I am saying yes to almost everything this month, I texted her and begged her to take me, and she agreed!

Please understand that between the two of us, our concert experience adds up to two Michael W. Smith concerts and one DC Talk concert. And that was in the 6th grade. Combined we make for a very adventurous duo.

But we decided to have a girls’ night out and do the concert scene. I asked Luke what kind of crowd goes to a Phillip Phillips concert, and he looked at me and said “People like you.” (and he was mostly right–except some people like me dragged their husbands or boyfriends along)

So, we found our way downtown and found our own parking, without our husbands even mapping it out for us. And we politely asked the police officers if we could J-walk to the restaurant across the street from the Majestic Theatre, because we are law abiding citizens, yes we are.

We had third row seats, thanks to her awesome ticket searching (although we were nervous because we were afraid we’d been scammed and would either be denied entrance at the front or kicked out of our seats..but all was well).

And it was so fun! I kept saying, “I’ve never had such great seats,” but that really makes no sense because I’ve never been to a pop concert so what do I have to compare to? As soon as Phillip walked out he motioned for everyone to stand up, and that we did, for the whole entire concert (and yes, we are on a first name basis now).

Seriously though, they put on an amazing show. The musicians were spectacular–he has this cellist that does things with his cello I’ve never heard before! It was awesome!

I guess the biggest stretch for me was allowing myself to kind of sort of dance and move to the music. Nothing crazy, friends, but just clapping and enjoying. By the end I was loosened up though, and was almost sad when it was over (except for the fact that my cowboy boots were starting to pinch from standing all night in boots I haven’t warn in 6 months).

I’m sure most of you are rolling your eyes by now. When I told my sweet friend Lory today that I went to this concert and that it was seriously the first real concert I’d been to she said, “We need to get you out more.”

This experience was super fun and a great memory for Sarah and me. It almost made us nostalgic for high school again. Almost.

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