Fermented What? Kombucha….

(*day 20// write31days)

I love my friends. Have I mentioned that lately???

So Caroline and I had this little texting conversation last week:

Please notice that I said “Yes!!!!” before I even knew what I was saying yes to. That’s how this month is going, friends. But I instantly arranged things in order to make this whole kombucha-thing happen.
(mostly, I just wanted to go to Caroline’s house and hang out for a while)
But fermented tea??? Sounds gross. 
But Caroline doesn’t do gross, that’s just not how she rolls. So as good friends do, I trusted her. And as soon as we arrived she let us taste this mystery tea and it was wonderful, and my kids enjoyed it too.
It really doesn’t taste like tea, it tastes like Italian soda. And wonder of all wonders, it’s full of probiotics and amazing things that grow in it that boost your body’s immune system. 
Isn’t it pretty? (so hint–you can get these bottles at World Market, but buy them filled with Italian soda because they are much cheaper that way…then you can drink it up and reuse the bottle. I’ll be buying myself some tomorrow).

I’m sure I’m going to get the order of all this wrong, and I will be calling Caroline in two more days once my fermented tea is ready for the next step. But here goes…
So this kombucha stuff is some sort of fermented liquid that when left covered grows these disc things that then “make babies,” as Caroline says. So what we did was remove this fleshy thing from her fermented and ready tea, and poured some of the liquid out over it and then dumped the rest into another beautiful jar that she had put frozen berries in to flavor. This will sit for a day or so to extract all the berry goodness.
Then we took a clean jar and added some black tea bags to it, and poured boiling water over them and then let it steep. Then we squeezed the bags out and added sugar to the jar and stirred.

(courtesy shot of me to prove I did do some work)
(it’s at this point that I feel the need to tell you that I made the sweater I was wearing. I did not knit it, but I sewed it, using my own pattern making skills {I know nothing of pattern making} and it’s been super fun to wear!)

Next, we took the fleshy growth thing and poured it into the tea. I think. (I keep getting the order wrong and then when I look at the pictures I’m reminded of what we actually did). Then we filled it up to the top with water and covered it with a pretty doily. 

Then we put it on her amazingly cute vintage sideboard table and admired it. (but if you don’t have one of these, your laundry room will do, which is what I did when I got home). 
And then, we kept kicking gently ushering the kids back outside and sat ourselves down for some African spiced tea and talked our heart out until I absolutely had to leave.

The tea will be great and I do plan to keep up with it and make it for my family, but again, it’s mostly the memories I’m making this month and learning about the details of my friends’ lives that is making me smile these days.

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