Downward Dog

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I feel the need to apologize for the lack of insightful words tonight. Writer’s block perhaps? Just moving forward people, trying to push through.

My friends are having so much fun with me this month they keep coming back for more. Sarah (remember Sarah from the Phillip Phillips concert?) invited me to her yoga class tonight, and of course I accepted.

I actually have two yoga mats, and I honestly don’t even know why. So I took them with me, looking all professional and everything. If only they knew the only time I’ve ever done yoga before was on the beach in Hawaii four years ago.

So it was very stretchy and balancy. And of course, Sarah set us up on the front row so everyone could see me balanced on one leg like a champ. There were several times I almost toppled over and started cracking up, only to look around and see no one else was laughing. These people are serious.

But not really–I think the playing field was pretty even. It’s not like I’ve never turned my body into a pretzel before anyway.

Sarah is training for a half marathon, again, because she’s crazy (crazy awesome! and yes, you guessed it, she’s the one trying to get me to run five miles with her), so she needs a good stretch every now and then.

I couldn’t stay for the whole class because I had to pick up Amaleah at soccer, and so sadly as I was leaving I missed the moment when the instructor walked around the room and wafted lavender over everyone’s faces and gave each person a bracelet with an inspirational word on it.

But Sarah pulled through for me and sweetly grabbed a bracelet and texted me that she chose the one with the word Courage, in honor of this blog and my challenge.

I’m not sure if I’m truly being courageous, but I guess I have been facing some of my fears and embracing new things instead of holing myself up in my home when I’m feeling timid. So I appreciate that.

And I will say that at least for the first time, when I walked onto the field to pick up Amaleah afterwards, I felt like I could legitimately strut my yoga pants since I had actually been to a real class (I’m sorry, I’m just suspicious that not everyone who dresses in their yoga pants has actually been to a yoga class…I’m onto you people).

We didn’t even take a selfie to prove we did this. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM