Blogs I’m Growing to Love// Reader Feedback, Pretty Please?

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Something that I’ve enjoyed this month is doing a little blog hopping, and being introduced to some different blogs. You know how it is, you find a blog you enjoy, then you click around, find another blog, click around and all of a sudden you’re in this web of blogs you never new existed! And while I haven’t had tons of extra reading time this month, seeing as how I’ve been needing to be on the field stepping out of my comfort zone, and then writing about it, surprisingly I’ve been able to find some blogs I’m excited about and I thought I’d share a few posts that encouraged me.

(and don’t forget to get to the end of this post and read through some of my questions for you and help a sister out!)

//I love doing little things around my house, I’m always changing things here and there, but it can’t be too complicated or I will for sure quit. On Megan’s blog Latte Everday, she’s been doing the 31 day challenge and has written on simple DIY’s around the house, and I’ve loved her simple ideas. All of them have been wonderful, and one of my recent favorites is her simple painted bowls for desk top organizing.

//As most of you know, I have a budding teenager on my hands, so when I read this post by Kristen on her blog We Are That Family, I was encouraged by her thoughtful list of promises to her growing older children. It’s encouraging to think about growing alongside your children, and growing in mutual respect for one another.

//Luke and I are slowly working to build community on our street, which takes time, and sometimes failed attempts at things…but often what we see as failure is completely the opposite, and I love how Shannan from Flower Patch Farm Girl tells a story of how they tried to bless their neighbors, and it almost seemed like a fail, but then not. She has a beautiful perspective on this that is fresh and inspiring.

//Many of my friends and relatives, and I’m sure many of you, have struggled with infertility, and Kitty’s honest heart felt post on this issue from her blog Joel & Kitty was encouraging to me and I’m sure will encourage you. She also has some links on this post to other writings about this issue. But along with this encouraging post, she’s been doing the 31 day series as well, on the topic of Table Talk, and friends, what a wonderful resource on ideas to encourage good conversation which will build up relationships, both with your family and with guests.

//And now I have some questions for you, my faithful readers…

I’m looking ahead and planning what’s next for this blog of mine, and I have some ideas of how to make it better, but I want to hear from you. We watch a lot of cooking shows around here and something we hear frequently is this idea of having a POV, a point-of-view. And I’m trying to figure out what my POV is for this blog. I love story telling and photography, obviously, but there are other aspects to life that are fun to. So I’m wondering,

1// Why do you come to this blog and read, what draws you in?

2// What would you enjoy reading more of…is there something I post about now and then that catches your eye that you wish I did more of? Is there something you’d like to hear or learn from me that I don’t talk much about? Like, are you dying to know where I find my earrings, or some such silly thing???

3// Do you have any feedback about readability, like is there something that would help my blog be more readable? (maybe, “Come on Gab, enough with the ridiculously long paragraphs!”)

I’m really interested in your opinions here friends. Blogging is something I really enjoy, I want to encourage you and I love hearing when that happens. I feel like if I’m going to put the effort into this, I want to make it attractive and relatable to you! Please share, I’m totally serious here.

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