A Failed Attempt at Trying a New Bakery

the above picture is the redemption, not the fail. 

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I’ve passed a little bakery on a street nearby the kids’ school several times and always wondered about it, so I decided we’d go home that way on Friday and stop in for a treat. We were all looking forward to it.

But my first clue that we might not be impressed with this place was the loud window air conditioning unit we had to walk by on the way to the front entrance (those always bother me). Upon entering, we quickly realized there were no tables or chairs…not a one (unless you count the decorative garden table and chairs placed awkwardly out front).

I had also wanted to shoot some photographs to practice visual storytelling and where in the world would I do this if there was no place to sit and we all had to stand around eating cupcakes???

I think we are just spoiled, because we have some favorite little haunts in San Antonio that make amazing pastries and have great ambiance, but I’m on a mission to try new things and branch out.

It didn’t last long friends–we were so underwhelmed with the display of cookies and cupcakes that all four of us simultaneously took an about face and walked right out the door, while I threw my voice at the counter’s general direction and said, “Thank you!”

As we hurried to our car and I apologized for the sad state of things and thanked my kids for their willingness to try something new, everyone started chanting, “Let’s go to Bird Bakery, let’s go to Bird Bakery.”

So I’m sorry to say, the only thing new we tried that day was a new flavor of unbelievably delicious cupcakes (my selection: sea salted caramel. yum).

And I did get to practice my visual storytelling here, and turned into the crazy lady photographer and may have put my rear end into our neighboring tables’ faces one too many times…

We did kind of take over the place, but it really wasn’t that busy, and I’m a regular, so that should count for something, right? I feel the need to mention too that this amazingly cute place is directly across the street from the kids’ school. My hips are not thankful for that, but you can’t always listen to your hips.

I’m realizing this month that it’s not always about the new thing being tried, but more about the effort and the attempt. Our favorite things are our favorites for a reason, and when it involves making memories  together it makes all the difference.

And sometimes the leap out of the usual is a wonderful effort, but it just makes the leap back into the usual that much more special.

(I think maybe it would have been nice for me to order one cookie from that place so as to not be so rude, but it all happened so fast. It’s not often where I feel like we need to run from a building and go eat a cupcake.)

A note about yesterday’s post: I’m not a gardener by nature at all, and always forget to water and weed and just don’t love long hours outside, so the getting out of my comfort zone thing was me getting out there and getting dirty and working with the earth, and Luke’s mom inspires me and came to help. But it was also combined with a photography class assignment, the last assignment of a four week long online class, to tell a story with images (taught by Molly Flanagan at the Define School). I guess I could have explained that better yesterday but I just didn’t want to take away from the images. 

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