A Day to Say Yes to the Little Things (and No to the Rest)

It’s day 9// write 31 days// and I’m tired. (catch up on previous posts here)

Are you tired of hearing about me stepping out of my comfort zone? I can only imagine. I just hope it has inspired some of you to do a few things you wouldn’t have normally done (and if so, please share, I’d love to hear your story!).

As for me, I have a few things to add to the list that I’ll tell you about over the weekend, but for today, it was just one of those days. I’ve been dragging since Wednesday morning, after staying out late with a friend Tuesday night, stepping out of our comfort zones together (more on that later).

Today was a day when the dishes piled up, the floor stayed littered with remains of the day, and my to do list remained unchecked. It was a day I kept tinkering with my side table decor every time I walked by (well, I have been all week), and finally I think it’s the way I want it (for now…) (see it here)

But it was also a day where I literally shut the computer so I could focus on time with Landis who kept saying, “Okay, what can we do together now?” and when, “How ’bout empty the dishwasher together or sit and blog together” didn’t seem to appease him, off went the screen and under a blanket went my head, counting to 30 while he hid.

Hide and seek is our favorite thing to play together, it’s full of laughter and high fives and “Mom. You always hide there first” phrases (it’s under the covers of my bed, how can I not hide there? It’s my one excuse to crawl back in bed for a few minutes…you should try this trick.)

And then we read not one, not two, but three rather long books (his faves include the long Dr. Seuss books and Richard Scary books where I have to read allllll of it). But we snuggled under my blanket and read and read until, as he says, “your voice hurts.”

My dishes kept staring me in the face, especially since the pile kept growing, and yet we lingered at the soccer fields and played on the playground, and we lingered with bath time toys that had been forgotten, and we lingered under his quilt at bedtime reading one last story to end out the night.

And then he stood up on his bed for the biggest boy hug ever.

So maybe today wasn’t full of something new and exotic, but it was full of ignoring things that will eventually get done, and saying yes to things that can only happen right now or the opportunity is lost forever.

I love this post by Kari Patterson which reminds us moms to embrace these little ones now, because the other things will surely be there later.

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