Write 31 Days Challenge, It’s Almost Here!

In other news….

Heads Up! I’m joining in on a writing challenge, write31days, coming up started by the Nester, to write every single day on one topic for the month of October. Many crazy insane bloggers like me will be joining in on this challenge, and I look forward to seeing what others will be writing about.

I approach this month with fear and trembling, but I’m excited to see how it stretches me and grows me. My topic is about stepping out of your comfort zone, something that is very near and dear to my heart since I’m a very play it safe kind of person and have had to really work hard on this my whole life. I will attempt to try one new thing almost every single day in October, and then write about my experience and things it taught me. I hope it will be encouraging to you to perhaps step out of your own comfort zone and try new things, whether they be little things (new lipstick shade anyone?) or huge things (plant a church anyone?).

Join me????  I could use your help! I’d love some ideas of new things to try this month, anything you have tried recently that you’d recommend or something you wish you had the gutts to do and you’d like to see me do it first (I reserve the right to say No!) And better yet,  if you live near me I’d love to try them with friends! (I already have one friend lined up to take me with her to spin class, should be quite the adventure for me)

So please, please, please, leave some ideas in my comment section right here on the blog. I’m so looking forward to this experience of thinking through what it means to take meaningful risks (as well as some silly risks), and it’s best done in community! (and I will also be sharing things that have changed me in the past, ways we’ve stepped out of our comfort zone in huge ways that have definitely changed the direction of our lives.)

*also, follow me on instagram if you’re interested in more pictures of the process–I will be using #write31days when I share photos of new moments…

Hope to hear from you and looking forward to Wednesday, October 1st when it all begins! (in a nervous excited sort of way…)

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