The Monumental Moments of Parenting

Today was a monumental day for me. Are you ready for it?

Amaleah took the bus home from school today. I guess some might say it was actually a monumental day for her, but kids just don’t take these things to heart as much as mommas do, right? So I think I’m allowed to claim this moment for myself.

I decided to register her for the bus so that on the days when our schedule is all wonky and I’d have to make so many trips to school to pick up this kid, then that kid, then the other kid, then hike another one off to soccer, we might actually have some rest somewhere in between there and make use of our taxes, not to mention save a little gas too.

Thus, the yellow bus. And she did it. She made it in time and got off at the right place, there were no fights on the bus and all was well. And while she had told me not to meet her at the bus stop, I couldn’t help it–but I waited around the corner and didn’t pop my head out until the bus was gone. I resisted the very, very, very strong urge to haul the DSLR camera down there and record this monumental moment, so she better consider herself blessed that all I had was my iPhone tucked into my pocket.

I waited until the bus was safely gone until I snapped a few pics of her walking home and Landis running to meet her.

These are the monumental moments we are going through around here, which I think for now, is enough for me. College will come all too soon. And I’m thankful too for this option, because I honestly wouldn’t have even considered it probably a month ago, until I had that conversation with my friend that I mentioned here, where she also mentioned that “you never know, something might come up that will help you.”

And here we are, trusting the Lord with these little details, trusting the Lord more and more to take care of our children and to release the control I *think* I have over them. So I’m feeling blessed and thankful for extra moments at home with each of my children, different dynamics that add texture and sweetness to our family.

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