My Youngest is Five–All About His Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated my littlest’s 5th birthday. Yes, September is a busy month for us, and by the end of it I’m so ready to move on. Poor Luke kind of gets the last fruits of birthday celebrations, with his birthday being all the way at the end of September.

Landis and I planned his Lego party together, and the process was so delightful. He’s the kind of little guy that wants to help out, so if you give him a job he feels like a King. He cut paper, punched holes, helped stick foam mounts on paper for the invites, he blew up balloons (and let out the air in that slow squeaky way thanks to his uncle’s tutelage, over and over again), he helped picked out treats for his friends and clean up and just be over all cheerful and excited.

Oh, and he also trekked all the way to the west side of San Antonio with me for an authentic piñata. After waiting in the car and letting Landis push all the buttons until someone showed up to open the store, we were finally allowed in to browse the amazing selection, and he picked a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (which to my untrained eye looked the least authentic of them all). The look on his face when we stuffed it in our trunk was totally worth it, however.

The day came for the party, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We decided to split up the crowd and only have friends for this party, so the grandparents came later for dinner. Let me just say that boy parties are so much fun. The enthusiasm and the energy they have just can’t help but make you smile.

We played pin the head on the lego man, legos in a spoon relay, duplos under your neck relay, and of course we killed a ninja turtle (although it seriously took 25 minutes for that sucker to crack open and we finally just sent the kids in to rip it to pieces and extract the 7 pounds of candy it held within!)

And when his actual birthday arrived, we sat around the breakfast table at the crack of dawn and told him the things we love most about him, one of which for me is the times he just runs up to me with a sweet kiss and hug and then goes right back to playing. He remembers people’s names like nobody’s business, and has this huge big ol’ thankful heart which he’s had forever. And he absolutely cannot go to bed without hugging his sisters. It’s just the way it is. And he has a fabulous vocabulary and tells the funniest jokes, keeps us laughing all the time.

Not your average 5 year old, this kid, and we love him to pieces.

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